Thursday, 29 October 2009

EU President Blair? To Fight Global Warming?

Some people say that global warming is a con.

"But why is it a con? Cui Bono?" ask the incredulous and easily pliable.

Well of course there's the usual "scientific community" looking out for their next sinecure or their next celebrated paper published to the acclaim of all.

But there's a more insidious side to this (besides getting more "Green Taxes" out of us as a side-serving to all the other forms of taxation used to pour into the bottomless pit that is the national debt).

Chris Bryant is an MP for the Rhondda in South Wales. You know the sort of area - old school Labour, solidly working class and pretty much traditional.

Chris Bryant is also a typical New Labour minister. Gay (of course!), suppliant to the Mandelsonian vision of New Labour, about as Rhondda Valley as a preening ballerina in a tutu who eschews drinking bitter for a more wine-bar style aperitif.

Right: Chris Bryant MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office was an Anglican vicar, until he posted this photo of himself in his pants on a homosexual website. Just the sort of moral compass needed for the House of Commons and a place in HM Government!

When asked to defend the idea of Tony Blair (war criminal and multi-millionaire) becoming the unelected President of the European Union he (Bryant) said that a powerful and respected man like Blair was needed to speak up for Europe so we could combat climate change.


So what are you telling us Mr. Bryant?

We need an unelected President of a non-existent country to... battle climate change?

Oh! I've seen the light!

Here you go Masonic bureaucrats of the EU Commission. Take all my freedoms and enroll me in your super-state! Just so long as you "fight climate change" eh?

What I find deplorable is the idea that we need a Super President of a Super State to fight pollution of any sort. I'm not a fan of pollution per se, and regardless of their pet theories and hidden taxes, I think any pollution that can be stopped should be.

But why the hell should we surrender ancient rights and sign up to spurious politically 'human rights' legislation that give some EU-approved pervert from the Bi-Lesbian Gay and Transgender (BLT) coalition the "right" to go into our schools and youth clubs, to harangue and brainwash our children?

Just as a huge paedophile racket has been smashed in Scotland wherein the boss of a similar BLT (Bi-Lesbian Fag and Transformer) 'Youf Support' network was involved in the rape of children as young as 18 months (two of the ringleaders were sentenced to Life -- and that's just seven and a half years or 90 months before parole); we are told that these perverts have the "right" to lecture our children on the rights of homosexuals and how homosexuality is perfectly normal.

That is the EU agenda, that is the Blairite agenda.

Big Brother, Big State, Big President: all to confer rights upon criminals, perverts, degenerates... whilst the ancient rights to freedom, habeus corpus, innocent until proven guilty etc. go out the Soviet-shaped EU window.

The very idea that a man who started an illegal war that killed hundreds of thousands could even be considered as President (could even be considered to be walking around free!) shows how ridiculous the whole EU set-up is!

Blair is free to profit big time, to be a "peace envoy" to the Middle East (ha ha ha), free to promote himself to EU leaders... whilst those who merely debate one aspect (and only one aspect, note!) of history are routinely locked up for their Thought Crimes!

Still, if Mr. Chris Bryant says we need an EU President to "combat climate change" and if he says Mr. Blair is the very man for the job, then who are we to gainsay a much-respected elected member of the House of Commons and Minister of Her Majesty's Government?

After all, that's democracy!

Left: "It's Global Warming stoopid!" cries the system stooge as he bashes us over the head with the controlled mass media mallet. When we get bored of that, "it's the Al Qaeda Terrorists stoopid" cries the voice of Big Brother.

And if we do raise a protest that can always hit us on the head (Timmy Mallett stylee) that we are risking the total ruination of the planet via global warming.

George Orwell had Eurasia and Eastasia to worry Winston Smith and everyone else in Oceania, we poor proles have the big invisible enemies of Global Warming and Al Qaeda - mere ghost creations of a global elite of course, but these are the big enemies used to push forward their global agenda.


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