Thursday, 22 October 2009

BBC's Question Time: The Nick Griffin Show

So the FC family have the popcorn in, the pork pies are laid-out in descending order and suitable beverages for young and old alike are busily cooling in the fridge.

Yes, it's Question Time tonight - the Nick Griffin Show. The sprogs have a special "stay up late" dispensation from the 'moany old git' (yours truly).

What awaits will be interesting if nothing else...

Today will be remembered, if for nothing else, for the lefties screeching about tolerance as they demanded a person be banned from the airwaves.

Ah! That stench of hypocrisy (tempered by B.O.) the assorted Marxists give off by the bucketload.

The youngest sprog at Codreanu Towers said "why do those white people" (the screeching hoards) "care so much about black people?"

From the mouths of bairns...


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