Friday, 23 October 2009

Nick Griffin on Question Time: The Good & The Bad (and the Ugly - Jack Straw).

Anyone want to respond to Nick Griffin on Question Time?

Best Bit:

When he attacked the needless [Zionist] War in Iraq. he took a solidly nationalist (and anti-Zionist!) line and actually sounded sincere and full of righteous anger. He stated that Jack Straw had the blood of 800,000 Muslims on his hands...

Worst Bit:

When he stated that the BNP was the only party that stood full square behind Israel in the recent 'Gaza conflict.' He sounded like a Zionist pimp and what's more it contradicted the stance on the Iraq war which dripped with natural justice, dripping rather with insincere Zionist extremism.

No doubt others will have their favourite bits!


Chris Beverley for Leader said...

he came across as an insincere, fatuous politician, mumbling through and dodging questions.

He could have taken the lead, set the agenda, discussed social injustice, the banking swindle and much else besides.

Instead of pretending to be Mr. Moderate, he should have turned the tables on those who have sold our future to the banks.

His support of Israel was disgraceful.

Shekels ahoy.

Anonymous said...

his body language was poor. His preparation was poor. His advisors' advice was poor. His arguments were mostly poor.


Anonymous said...

We need to bear in mind that this was an edited version, and to be fair he did alright when one considers it was basically a kangaroo court with a public gallery filled with the chattering class who are actively destroying our country and traditions.

Best bit.....when the dyke said that his feeling of disgust with regards homosexuality was reciprocated towards him which must have made quite a large number of those viewing think thank the Lord that sexual degenerates know they are despised by the silent majority of British people and that the queers openly declare despising us.

Anonymous said...

He equated homosexuality with heterosexuality.

He said he would ban any homosexual "education" in primary schools (secondary schools fine then!) but then added the rider that he would ban all sex-ed in primary schools.

So his schools policy is that heterosexual sex and homosexual sex won't be discussed in primary schools.

At least the Tories had the balls to ban promotion of homosexuality in ALL schools.

Another wet weekend policy from Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Not a good day at the office for NG in the view of most nationalists but it has once again raised the profile of the nationalist movement , time for action not just words .

Anonymous said...

yeah. if you think our "profile" should be backing ISRAEL.

Anonymous said...

Why should primary schoolchildren be taught sex education, hetro or unnatural sex? FFS, let our children BE children, it is surely our responsibility as adults to protect our young from ANY sexual predators and degenerate elements.

FFS, some who are obsessed with their anti-Griffin agenda are acting like complete and utter scum!

Anonymous said...

I agree, BUT he should have made the DIFFERENCE between fag and normal. Normal sexuality can be discussed in schools (Sex Ed is nothing but a mild porn) but he should have asked for Section 28 to be returned.

His response EQUATED homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Martin Webster should be pleased, but no-one else will.

Christians and Nationalists will see it as wooly and liberal.

Faggots - like Zionists - won't buy into the "new BNP".

Some strength, leadership, ideals, truth and honesty is needed. Not flim flam.

Anonymous said...

The public know what he meant.

Anonymous said...

The whole aftermath shows how the Jews rewarded Griffin for his sell-out policies.
The Jews don't need the support of Griffin and the BNP and they're certainly not going to praise them in their media outlets.
Attack Israel and wake people up.

Anonymous said...

the comment about native britions 17,000 years ago showed a lack of focus and allowed the black professoress to make griffin look foolish. did griffin mean 1700 years and not 17000? big difference.

still for a man who many believe is working as a plant, with the destructive aim of providing a mainstream honeytrap for comfort-zone nationalists, then a little subterfuge can go a long way.

once griffin has been exposed we true nationalists will return to the fold. until then we must sit back and wait for the bnp to collapse under the weight of unrelenting ompromise.

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