Sunday, 4 October 2009

Death of a Culture

There has to be some sanity in this world.

Yesterday I was walking along in a town centre when I saw a sight that really annoys me. I felt like Ranting Ron on a bad day.

The sight which had raised my heckles so violently?

An overweight lady was ambling her way along a pavement (parallel with mine) wearing a 'crop top' which allowed her large wobbly tummy to hang out, betwixt her trousers and the aforementioned top.

Right: Nothing worth celebrating.

As she walked the large, dangling tummy wobbled giving the impression that somewhere in the dark depths of her belly button a toffee was being chewed!

Now this led me to cogitate over the mater. What thought process allowed this extra-large lady to come to the conclusion that a crop top would be a suitable investment for an Autumnal day (or indeed any day)?

Did she think it was suitable attire for sitting at home watching Daytime TV -- let alone trudging through a busy town centre on a Saturday?

Surely somewhere deep in her brain, behind all the numb parts deadened by years of watching Eastenders and looking at (I won't imagine she reads) tabloid newspapers, there must have been a tiny wee neutron pinging about, crying out for attention, pleading for sanity, like a voice in the wilderness... a lone, solitary voice of sanity saying: "What are you thinking? A crop top??? Your belly will hang out and you'll look like a brain-dead loon."

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing specifically against fat people per se. How could I with my long term love affair with pork pies? One of my biggest heroes was no stranger to a good meal: G.K. Chesterton.

I have long thought that the qualities of a person are in their decisions, their morals and their manner of how they live their lives.

An "ugly" person in a council house can have a pristine character and be a veritable living saint, whereas as we all know that far too many of the "beautiful people" so beloved of the media are degenerate, greedy, drug-using, self-absorbed bampots.

The former often struggle to bring up their children with little money, doing all they can to buck the trend of those born into relative poverty, whilst too many of the latter think not having their favourite restaurant to go to is a struggle and that "bringing up" a Chihuahua is as tough as it gets.

However, when I see a vastly overweight person in a crop top it does make me wonder about the validity of universal suffrage.

After all, an army of these people can keep a War Criminal like Tony Blair in power for 10 years!

Nor are fatties in crop tops my only bugbear. Seeing grown men in clam-diggers (shortened trousers) especially the tracksuit variety and tee-shirts with graffiti-style wringing all over them, in other words dressing like they are 12-year-olds gets my back up.

So indeed does anyone of any age wearing a baseball hat to one side. This especially irks me when a Caucasian gent does it, mimicking the natives of sub-Saharan Africa (from South London) - commonly called whiggers in modern parlance. The dress-code is added to handsomely by baggy jeans hanging down so underwear can be seen, and the crotch at circa knee level so they look like they have defecated in their underwear.

Then there's the 30-somethings who insist on wearing tops with swear words emblazoned across them, sometimes feebly disguised, but sometimes bold as brass -- even the 'F-word' -- which to me reeks of someone seeking attention and trying to be 'edgy and dangerous' but really looking like a petulant, spoilt, spotty kid. It is particularly irksome when these morons turn up with their filth-emblazoned tops to collect their child(ren) from infant or junior school!

There is much wrong in this world, not least Usury-banking and the power of Freemasonry.

But can we at least get to a point in time when people dress normally without bits of them wobbling free, without mimicking Africans, without foul words plastered across their chests?

For a people and a culture to have arrived at this low point is distinctly worrying.


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