Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Politicians' Expenses: Were Masons Behind the Leak?

Politicians have got themselves in a hole.

Because of the "expenses" scandal they are lower than tabloid journalists and estate agents in most peoples' eyes.

Now it looks as though many of their perks are going to be ripped away. No more cash for food. No more employing family members. No more profiting by buying second homes whilst the tax payer pays the mortgage.

MPs of course are gurning like a toothless septuagenarian at a West Country show. "It's unfair" they cry, facing the reality of the outside world where none of us get cash for food, or get to enjoy all the perks (legit and otherwise) they have been enjoying for many years!

Few tears will be shed outside of the Westminster village. These traitors have been filling their pockets whilst betraying the UK on issues as diverse as homosexuality and immigration, drugs and taxation.

It is nigh on impossible to find a situation outside Westminster where people misuse funds on their own homes, impose their relatives in profitable positions and who fiddle their expenses to such a degree!

But let's pull back a little and look at the larger picture.

The whole MPs' expenses scandal happened in the shadow of... the Credit Crunch, the Banking Scandal, the Tax-Payer Bailout. The gent who leaked the info to the Telegraph (itself a hive of MI5/Masonic contacts) was described as ex-Special Forces.

Is it too much to see the MPs' Expenses Scandal as a smokescreen, put out by the not inconsiderably powerful banker elite, to take some of the pressure -- and some of the hatred -- off their shoulders?

When viewed against the banking collapse, the MPs' situation is small fry. It's akin to a billionaire swindle (eg the charming Bernie Madoff) being pushed off the front pages for weeks on end by a nasty old lady who has been stealing sweets from a supermarket for years.

Don't get me wrong. I have no sympathy, pity or indeed time for the MPs. They were conning the public purse for years because they thought they were a "cut above" the rest of us, and should be on the same kind of overall income as their pals in the City of London.

But don't be surprised that the Bankers turned the media's hatred, bile and vengeance against these petty criminals and traitors.

For years (decades, centuries!) the banking system has kept us in bondage, always paying taxes to disappear into a bottomless pit called the National Debt. The banks were embarrassed that their Wizard of Oz charade fell apart so quickly and that the politicians had the nerve to point the finger at the bankers' greed and avarice.

Could the MPs' current situation be a case of system infighting and mud-slinging?

After all, how long have the MPs been fiddling the books? Not as long as the bankers have been robbing the country blind (ever since the man who let the Jews back into the country and allowed the Bank of England [sic] to be established: the accursed William of Orange).

The whole 'Freedom of Information' ball was rolling slowly and the MPs had been fighting a guerrilla warfare against letting all the relevant information out.

Then, after gradual nationalisation of certain banks, politicians slamming the laissez faire approach to usury-loans and unsustainable debt: BANG!

All of a sudden the info gets leaked to the Telegraph in such huge volumes that it took them weeks to fight through it all to garner all the info, weeks which saw a drip, drip, drip of deeply embarrassing info.

Do others see the hands of the Rothschilds et al in these events too?

So by all means celebrate the (limited) suffering of the politicians and the matching slide in their popularity... but remember that the real criminals are the money-lenders in the background.

When we take our eyes off that, we fail into the trap set for us by a compliant Masonic mass media.


Anonymous said...

World financial crises are man-made, greed is encouraged because it leads to a corruption of the social fabric of society.

Re-read the Protocols.

Final Conflict said...

yes- but there is a difference between man-made and planned.

Capitalist greed and the weakness of usury [the debt-bubble] caused genuine panic.

of course they will benefit... but more from guile and bringing bad from bad events and covering up the truth.

it amazes me that even in the shadow of the biggest usury crisis in world history haw the media obfuscate the facts and people just aren't clued up on what caused it:

HINT. it wasn't the "muzzies"

Anonymous said...

As Homer would say...DUH! When I refer to man-made I obviously mean planned, are you really that much of a pedant?

Final Conflict said...

no - but it DOES alter the meaning of what you wrote.

I do not think all such events are "planned", we must get away from thinking the enemy is all-intelligent and controls everything.

Often they simply react in the way best suited to promote their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Think you miss the point completely, you mistakenly claim that 'certain persons' react in the best way to promote their agenda when, in fact, they SET the agenda!

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