Wednesday, 28 October 2009

David Duke on CNN from Tehran

How to attack the real enemy on the media (and not grovel to Israeli interests!)


Anonymous said...

Are you part of the 'Duke Gang'?

David Duke loves himself more than he ever 'loved' the White race.

David Duke has admitted gambling and using donor money for fraudulent means.

David Duke cannot be trusted to leave women alone.

David Duke is being held up as an 'anti-Zionist' by his Zionist backers.

David Duke...? F**k right off!!!!

Final Conflict said...

No. But at least he has the cajones to tackle the enemy and not whimper and appeal to Israelis and second generation immigrants.

THAT is why it was posted.

West London NF said...

are these Griffinites so sad? let's list NG's misdemeanour's shall we? He can't leave men or women alone. don't even mention money, nor the paeds and pervs around him. who extended his home with party funds?


If DD is a bit off, NG is so far off the map he could be in Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

So, when one highlights the 'wrongness' of others some use their own Griffin-gague as their standard.

Two wrongs NEVER make a right, and neither is it correct to stick with the shit one knows as opposed to trying out the shit one is offered as an 'alternative'.

Anonymous said...

The issue here is to show how CRAP Griffin is. Galloway isn't a nationalist... but he can rip apart the Zionist lies... while NG fawns to them.

But if this blog shows that it wouldn't mean we all support Galloway.

Somepeople just won't countenance criticism of Griffin even when he sells out nationalism to a Talmudic-dreed and race-mixing fudge.

Anonymous said...

So'Anonymous' you think this is only put up as a reaction against Griffin as opposed to just a straightforward post showing Duke on CNN making reference to Tehran?

Duke is still a piece of scum whether you use him in your anti-Griffo/pro-Griffo argument or not.

Just because someonw calls themselves a White racialist doesn't necessarily make them one, in fact most 'White racialists' who deem themselves worthy of speaking for me do nothing of the sort and I would gladly show my disapproval if ever given the opportunity of doing so!

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