Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nick Griffin: British Generals Like Nazi War Criminals

The BBC has reported Nick Griffin's comments that British Generals are like Nazi War criminals at Nuremberg because they "just obey orders" when it comes to illegal wars.

Was he right to do so?

The BNP supported the war against Afghanistan in the shadow of "9/11" (it backtracked/u-turned later) and has expelled councillor Simon Smith (Black Country) for saying "9/11" was a 'inside job' at a BNP meeting in more recent years.

So where does the BNP stand?

He later backtracked a little by saying that his jibe about "Nazi War Criminals" being hanged alongside the politicians was merely "black humour."

Backtracking? Or just silly to be so unstatesmanlike?

And what of the emotive "Nazi" tag? After all Japanese war criminals walked free (as do Israeli ones today) and Communist mass murderers who enslaved half of Europe were treated like liberators (by the Western powers!) in 1945. Even as they were killing Polish Nationalists (who we went to war for in 1939!).

Ahead of his Question Time appearance tomorrow, might we expect more tempered language?

Who can we expect? The pro-Israeli who blames Islam for every evil? Or the radical politician who rages against the New World Order? Or a politician who doesn't want to offend anybody?

What do you think about his "Nazi War Criminals" comment? Insightful or inciting? Radical or Populist? Measured or Knee-Jerk? Funny or ill-judged?

Perhaps if someone gets under his skin tomorrow we can expect more off-the-cuff remarks that will delight/annoy in equal measure (though to whom is anyone's guess!). And I haven't even covered his "black member" quandary and whether the BNP was 'forced' to do it or cleverly did it to side-step the accursed EHRC (Mr Griffin has claimed both in separate announcements!).


Anonymous said...

Excellent response to these Generals who have taken it upon themselves to do the Establishments work (oh, and further ingratiate themselves in the future Tory government).

The BNP don't speak for the 'officer class' anyway, Generals DON'T stand on the frontline that is left to their minnions...US...normal joes will know what Griffo means and he will further reap the rewards for his statement.

will said...

Griffin has done everything he can to make himself acceptable - pro Zionist, anti Islamic, patriotic to the roots, willing to open the membership to picaninnies, cha-wallahs and all kinds of pukka 'British' people.

What benefit is there in gaining the world and losing your soul? Once you have stripped everything you once believed in, attempting to gain respectability, what then? Griffin is slowly learning that you really can't serve God and mammon.

Anonymous said...

Strange how these Generals have concerned themselves with the BNP when their utterances (lack of) regarding that piece of scum student urinating on the war memorial and accompanying wreaths has been deafening to say the least!

It is common knowledge that the both of them are Tory of the Cameron ilk, therefore it comes as no great surprise to see them latch on to the UAF agenda.

Now isn't it also strange that with them being 'respected' Generals with the clout that goes with it, have also decided to use their time in distracting peoples attention (and with it, letting the Labour marxist government of the hook) from the incompetence of the MOD and the lack of funding to equip the lads who have been sent to fight the governments battle, and finally the disgusting and immoral decision to lower the rate of compensation to those who are injured.

Also consider that Gen. de Billiere has not partook in this anti-BNP campaign, perhaps because the SAS respects what one does rather than the pips on ones epulettes...McNab though has attacked the BNP for 'making money' from the British Army, ha ha, does that mean that the pulp fiction he produces at a rate that would shame Barbara Cartland sees every penny he 'earns' given away/to good causes?!

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