Friday, 20 June 2008

Ex-BNP Member as "Jihadist" Recruiter

News broke today concerning Stephen Jones, an ex-BNP member who is now a "radical Muslim."

Right: Ms. Shazza Bint from Huddersfield says "I used to support Nick Griffin, but I find Osama more democratic and open to debate."

No doubt the "most Zionist" BNP have denounced him.

What's interesting is whilst a White, British, European Muslim is beyond the pale for the BNP, all manner of Afro-Caribbeans, Asiatic Sikhs and Hindus, plus our old friends the Jews are voter fodder (if not potential members or allies) for the modernist BNP.

I find it hard to understand the former in light of the latter... until one returns to the idea (thanks to the Board of Zionist Deputies) that the BNP is now the "Most Zionist" Party.


Sounds like a Mugabesque acronym. How apt.

Ex-BNP Muslim as "Al Qaeda" recruiter


Harold Pinter's Secret Love Child said...

the message - right or wrong - is that the BNP and the fictitious "Al Qaeda" are both extremists that attract losers and drop-outs (and possibly state agents, Abu Hamza... 5IMon Darby).

In fact from mad mullahs to raving Zionists we really could do without these creeds with allegiance to states at war 1000s of miles away.

Whatever happened to "armed neutrality" Nick?

behind blue eyes said...

The BNP = BIG NOSE PARTY, due to the fact they have allied themselves with "God's chosen people" aka the Jewish lobby.

Check out Gimmicks and Goings-On in the BNP, Led by Nick Griffin, Parodied at:-

Al Qaeda my hairy Celtic arse. The Bin Laden's are Yemeni Jews. All these so called terrorist web sites were traced back - via IP and WHOIS lookup software - to servers hosted in the US! Add to this the awful fake Bin Laden tapes. The spohistication of the roadside and suicide bombs points straight at Israel. They are exactly the evil maniacs who wouldn't hesitate to muder hundreds of innocent civilians. Let's face it they have been doing it in Palestine for the last 60 years.

Check out the following articles about the MOSSAD agent Adam Pearlman who poses as a Moslem terrorist.

Who is Adam Pearlman? at

Mossad Agent Pearlman Releases Phony Al-Qaeda Tape at:-

Fake Al Qaeda at:-

Marines suspect Mossad:-

Nick Griffin is a Zionist, a high ranking Freemason and military intelligence asset. His orders are to forment and stir up trouble between the Christian population and the ever increasing Moslem population. Its a classic divide and conquer manouevre by the Zionist supremacists who will sit back and watch as their two last obastacles to their Jew World Order destroy themselves in a carefully staged and planned race war. Its going on in Germany right now.

Unfortunately there is a history of homosexuality and Jewish infiltration in the patriot groups both here in America and the US. Eustace Mullins in his excellent Who Rules Your Rulers interview talks about how the Jews either set up groups and organisations or infilitrate pre-existing ones. Also check out The Deguello Report printed in 1976. Paper copies were mailed to people to warn them about the infiltration of the "Patriot Movement" by Jews and homosexuals. Can be found at:-

Its coming up to the anniversary of the late great John Tyndall's death and quite frankly Mr Griffin you are pissing on his grave you treacherous snake in the grass.

How long is it going to be before the BNP have their own Friends of Israel group?

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