Friday, 13 June 2008

Roberto Fiore MEP: C'est Arrive en Bruxelles

Not since Leon Degrelle visited home in 1944 has the presence of a movement leader in Brussels upset so many lefties, Zionists and pooftahs.

Since the Italian General Election, Roberto Fiore (the bete noir of Gerry Gable's Searchlies) has been a MEP, sitting in the European Parliament for the Italian Nationalist list Social Alternative.

Some trolls on various forums etc. have hinted at his sudden arrival in Brussels with the usual Searchlies smears. The simple fact is that Fiore was No. 2 on the Social Alternative list to Allessandra Mussolini, so when Mussolini chose to stand for a government (ministerial) seat under the Berlusconi list at the recent General Election, she stood down as an MEP on winning, and Fiore took over at Brussels.

Given that Fiore has already sued and won a lot of money from various newspapers (I'd estimate well over £100,000) for the "terrorist" slur the first link (and perhaps the second) below could well prove actionable.

To set the record straight, the Italian courts ruled that Fiore was an innocent victim of the (masonic) bombers of Bologna Train Station, in that he, along with other Italian TP activists, were forced to flee their country to escape arrest, imprisonment, beatings and even possibly death at the hand of the Italian State.

Still, the fact that another nationalist who opposes Zionism, homosexuality, usury etc. etc. can now work inside the belly of the beast to try and thwart the Masons machinations has clearly upset Glyn Ford and his chums.

Wasn't Glyn Ford the chap who got a light bulb changed at one of his homes - costing the taxpayer £40? There's nothing quite so uplifting as the sight of a "socialist" sprawling at the trough.

Meanwhile, back at Brussels, is that Ranting Ron I see getting off the Eurostar wearing a Blitzkrieg shirt and bearing a protective pork pie on a stick?

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