Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ignore Irish Lisbon Treaty Vote Says the EU

The Eurocrats are already calling for the remaining EU Nations to "ratify the Lisbon Treaty" -- all are being done by parliaments of course, not referenda like Ireland.

Equally they are hinting that - surprise, surprise! - Ireland will be asked to vote again. As the BBC's Mark Mardell says (see link below) it is becoming clear that the Freemasonic Elders in Brussels do not understand the word NO.

We all knew it would come to this of course!

The Eurocrats talk the talk about democracy, but like all politicians none of them really believe in it. What they believe in is the right to rule by a Masonic elite via the controlled media, via established political parties, via the funds and backing of banks and big businesses - and so on...

If they believed in "democracy" we would never have had mass coloured immigration; there would be no "legalising" of homosexuality; there would be no abortion-on-demand; there would have been no Iraq war - and so on and so forth.

You would think self-proclaimed 'democrats' would have the courage of their convictions and respect the democratic will of the Danish, the Dutch, the French and now the Irish!

In the UK, whilst New Labour stooges claim David Davis is "wasting money" by instigating a by-election to make a stand over opposition to the government's attempts to bring in 42 Days Internment without charge, they insist (see 2nd link below) on wasting money and parliamentary time on ratifying a treaty which should already be dead in the water!

This hints that the Eurocrats will - contrary to what Milliband says in the 2nd link below - precisely ignore (or circumvent!) the Irish vote by insisting that all the other countries ratified it!

Such double-think is nothing new for the corrupt Masonic Europhiles who insist nothing stands in their way to create a single European Superstate.

Meanwhile on the BBC's Politics Show today I was thrilled to see an old Youth Defence friend being held aloft at the victory celebrations in Dublin. The YD Militants were key in stopping abortion being imported to Ireland in the mid 1990s, in stopping the EU at the first Nice Referendum and now in the Lisbon Referendum victory.

It just shows what a group of dedicated, principled, idealistic militants can achieve for good, despite the pressure of the politicians and the media.

Perhaps Ireland is a different example being distinctly Christian, Patriotic and until quite recently 100% Irish... but it makes you think what might be achieved here if we had dedicated, principled, idealistic militants prepared to fight for nationalist, Christian, pro-family objectives instead of more layers of wannabe politicians quaffing at the trough!

Food for thought.

Mark Mardell on EU's Response

Son of Jewish Bolsheviks Says UK Will Ratify Lisbon


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