Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hang the Zionist George Bush...

...from your rear view mirror!

Yes I just put one of these "dumbass George Bush" monkey-face car fresheners in my car and it sure raises a smile everywhere I go: and what a great conversation starter!

If you go to the FC site now you'll see our range of anti- George Dubya car goodies, including a large magnet you can stick on the back of your car to raise a smile on the motorway or in the commuter traffic jams.

Spread the word and do your bit for world peace: hang george Bush, the Zionist surrender monkey.

Car Goodies from FC


behind blue eyes said...

As we all know George Bush is a puppet on a string. The puppet masters are the Israeli lobby and the Wall Street/City of London Zionist banking cartels. (The Rothschild family wealth is estimated at $100 - $400 trillion dollars!)

Obama is a Marxist and a member of the Council of Foreign Relations whose mentor is the Trilatreral Commission head honcho Zbigniew Brzezinski and McCain's backers are the Rothschilds. Once again a classic false left-right paradigm.

Britain is the same. Davey 'Boy' Cameron is a self-confessed Zionist, reputedly a distant relative of the Royal Family and a member of the infamous Oxford University Bullingdon Club along with Nathan Rothschild and Boris 'Jew Boy' Johnson. Check out this article in the Jewish Chronicle:-
Interview: Boris Johnson - my Jewish credentials at -

Janine Roberts has done a fantastic article entitled:-
The Influence of Israel in Westminster. It can be found at :-

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