Sunday, 8 June 2008

Government Affords War but not Post Offices

Anyone get the feeling that our government puts money before people?

'Twas ever thus from the time of the Reformation land-grab to the land enclosures to the Highland clearances to the Industrial Revolution to the Great depression and so on ad nauseum.

The latest ruse is the closure of thousands of Post Offices.

A government that can afford to pump billions of pounds into illegal wars that deliver no benefit to us (but give plenty of money, power and influence to Big Business and Israel/Zionist America) can't "afford" to keep small, local Post Offices open!

Anyone get the feeling we're re-living the "Dr Beeching" days of the 1960s (when Britain's railway infrastructure was ripped apart to optimise profitability?).

What's more important? Public service? Community cohesiveness? Or profits?

For this government like all those before it, it's the latter.

As they tell us to "think green" and use local amenities, they take them from us!

Small, local shops, pubs, churches have gone and are going. Now we see thousands more Post Offices forced to shut.

Does anyone else out there think we'll look back in 10 years and think (like the railway branch lines shut and tower blocks erected in the 1960s) and think "what the hell were they thinking."

As the government talks about building new "green" towns on prime farmland, primarily to try and cope with the millions of immigrants coming in (because we, the Anglo-Celtic peoples are killing ourselves via our 1.4 children "families" and over-usage of the abortuaries that litter our lands), it is obvious to many of us that our government's green credentials are as bogus as its alleged socialism.

Left: Post Office workers are forced to strike to defend services.

As more nuclear power stations are planned (with government subsidies and at God knows what cost to the environment and our gene pool) we are left to wonder why a government pumps money into failed multi-national wars, privatised railways, failing banks etc. yet isn't willing to protect one of the very pillars of our communities: the local post office!

Post Office - Heart of the Community


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