Saturday, 7 June 2008

Skrewdriver and the "Burning Books" Commissars of eBay

A friend told me the other day how he was bidding on the Skrewdriver Album 'All Skrewed Up' on ebay recently only for the LP to be removed for containing/promoting "hatred."

He asked the seller why - and was told that despite her contacting ebay and pointing out that the 1977 LP wasn't racialist (Ian Stuart re-launched Skrewdriver in London in 1980/81 as a pro-NF band) ebay said they have a blanket ban.

Communist material is freely available despite the red atrocities in Russia, Spain, Cambodia, Africa and elsewhere in the 20th Century that left an estimated 100,000 million dead.

But a 1977 non-political skinhead/punk album? Tut tut. The ebay commissars won't allow it.

P.S. They allow material promoting homosexuality too!


Craig said...

"100,000 million"

A few too many zeroes? ;-)

Stalin and Mao were bad but they never reached 100 billion...

Final Conflict said...

100 million. guess i'm picking up too many bad habits from the Zionoids and BNP fan-club!

behind blue eyes said...

On page 10 of GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, Aleksandr Solzenitysn estimated that "...internal repression cost us, from the beginning of the October Revolution up to 1959, a total of .. 66,000,000 lives."

Roman Krutsyk of Kiev Memorial has stated that newly discovered documents reveal that between 1917 and 1991, the Bolshevik regime killed approximately "50 million ethnic Ukranians within the borders of the Soviet Union".
Jeffrey Kuhner, Opportunity in Ukraine, The Washington Times, 10/21/03

Roman Krutsyk estimates that during this 1917- 1991 period, the Bolshevik regime killed approximately 130,000,000 people overall.

Another 1 - 2 million German POW'S can be added to this list.

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