Monday, 9 June 2008

Geoffrey Harries: Dead Paedophile

Will the gentleman who stabbed to death the paedophile Geoffrey Harries in Carmarthenshire get a prison sentence - or a medal?

It should be the latter, for carrying the sentence any decent court would hand down.

In a newspaper the other day I read of a paedophile who had 20,000 evil images on his pc and who had assaulted a young girl, who got 30-odd months in jail. After "good behaviour" that scumbag would've been out in a year and a bit.

This is why people are scandalised and why Harries was hounded from his home, only to be killed outside his mother's house where he'd taken refuge.

You get longer for robbing a bank: which shows exactly where the system has its priorities.

Harries was a copper until earlier this year. His erstwhile chief constable is now also at the centre of a paedophile scandal after getting a paedophile case against a judge friend of his dismissed.

And the politicians, coppers and judges wonder why none of us trust a system which treats the most evil of men with kid gloves (pardon the pun).

if true justice was served against these monsters, people wouldn't feel the need to dish out their own form of justice on the streets.

BBC News report


Anonymous said...

The police have now placed CCTV cameras outside his mother's home. Presumably they believe that the charming people who threatened and then murdered Harries, are a threat to her as well. Meanwhile one woman who knew him has posted the following comment:

"Geoffrey harries was the only police officer who helped me after 10 years of trouble from nuisance neighbours. I found him to be an extremely sympathetic man who really cared. I would like to extend my sympathy towards his friends and family. janet morgan, llanelli"

Kidwelly Fascist said...

What the police believe or the fact-twisting family state may not necessarily be the the truth.

How endearing you consider the victims to be be Harries's family: victims of HIS criminal predilictions!

What of the children in the images HE made?

What of the children in the (most serious/evil) Category 5 images he downloaded?

Never mind them eh?

And what of the extended neighbours of Harries in his and his mum's home? Do they and their children not deserve our support more than two women (mother and wife) who made excuses for his heinous, nefarious interests?

Anonymous said...

Geoff Harries worked several years ago with the computerised crime unit, when it was held at station level (Abt 1996 / 1997) The defence was to state that he had stolen parts of a computer seized a few years back, and the hard disk contained the said images. To make and image, means in the law, it was saved on the computer, not taken by a camera,- this would be production.

I dont this he was a Paedophile, and if allowed to go to trial, would have been found not guilty by default. The press diddnt report his Not Guilty Plea, and the masses jumped on his back.

He resigned due to the theft of computer equipment, not because of having indecent images.

Paedos should be shot, but we should also know the whole truth before brandishing a man with a title that is not true!

Anonymous said...

I lived in 62 dythel park at the time of the murder it happened just outside my drive,i and many others protested against him living in my street and the police did nothing but but threaten us by saying we were disturbing the police,websites were made of him ,then shut down.

i was friends of the brothers chad and daniel,they were the nicest guys you could meet .we used to sit and talk outside the house they were very much main figures in the very close knit village.

what the newspapers didnt report was that the village was full of young familys each with children.this is what outraged members of the community Chad and daniel too,as chad was living with his son at the time.

And then i heard a groaning voice coming from outside,i woke up to see outside my bedroom window a man laying in the street with (daniel on top)then he ran off.later on that morning i had a knock on the door asking for me.(it was the police)(i had scratches on my arm from fighting my cat)the officer said where did you have them scratches from *i told him*.he said where was i last night i said in bed,he said can anyone prove it ,i said no my parents were in work (i was 16 at the time)HOME ALONE.he asked to come in,i said no, he said he come round later to speak to my parents and that they wanted to interview me.

later that evening i had to appear for an interview where they mad me sit on a chair that would fit a 5 year old and made me draw with felt tips the scene of what i saw and where i was and what not.

i was told that i would have to appear in court,i said i would not.

luckily enough i didnt have to,i could have saved them alot of time.

but i nor anyone else in the street told what we really saw.that shows what loyalty we have to a local heroe...daniel marcel williams.ill see you soon.


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