Sunday, 15 June 2008

Irish Analysis of the Lisbon Treaty Vote

This is a very interesting article which dissects the result of the vote, the likely response by the Europhiles.

Right: Brussels had had a bomb dropped on it which has a suspiciously Irish green hue to it! The Europhiles, Freemasons and Eurocrats are already planning their response.

It will be invaluable to Nationalists worldwide as it is written by an Irish patriot, rather than so much else on the net which is written by those of us outside Ireland or otherwise by well-meaning liberals and even lefties within Ireland.

Irish Reflections on Lisbon Treaty Result


mtfury1 said...

From the link:

As predicted recently by economist David McWilliams, the Lisbon Treaty result hinged very much on a question of class, and access to wealth. Yesterday's result proved him not only to be right, but exposed the brutally exposed the ignorance of the Irish and European political establishments to the needs and wants of the Irish people.

Only a handful of constituencies opted to support Lisbon. Outside of Dublin, Clare was the huge surprise, but even it only supported the Treaty by a tiny minority, and doesn't seem to have been subject to a strong campaign by the "No" lobby. The only emphatic "Yes" votes came from DĂșn Laoghaire, Dublin South and Dublin South East - bastions of the rich and ethnically Irish boroughs of affluent Dublin - and Kildare North, which, being the old homestead of rich landlords, horse trainers and Anglo-wannabes, was expected to pop for Lisbon.

For all the faults of Ireland, one of the most crushing legacies upon the ruling class is the Referendum clause within the Irish Constitution.
It is there for the same reason that our elites here in Britain won't give us a Referendum; the ordinary folk tend not to be as easily swayed toward the new as is the liberal Guardianistas (and whatever that is in Ireland), and will likely vote to change little if they can help it. Certainly in the UK, outside of the central belt of Scotland (where Communism rules) and south Wales (ditto) it would be a task of Hurcules to get the Euro voted for, as it has been for EU instigated regional govenment.

De Valera would, I am quite sure, quietly chuckle to see the Irish PM blabber away whilst having to explain to reporters why the vote has gone so badly.

Lugh said...

The "NO" victory came down to one factor, jobs. Recession and immigration add to the jobless future for many irish people, and the "NO" vote was to point this out to the Irish government.

The "YES" majority in certain parts of Dublin was due to the fact that Dublin is where the few jobs that are left are located. If you live in Dublin you have a better chance of finding employment.

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