Thursday, 12 June 2008

Lisbon Treaty: Irish Europhiles Clutch at Straws

The Young Fine Gael - all with their eyes on the prize of political appointments, crumbs from the table and possible Brussels sinecures no doubt - have made themselves, their party and their EU cause look puerile and just plain silly.

Is it "trendy" to use the imagery of lads mags? In one online poll 80% of recipients said the imagery would make them less likely to vote "Yes" with 20% saying it had no real impact one way or the other. No-one said the posters moved them to vote to give up Irish freedoms and Irish rights to unelected Masonic Eurocrats.

Let's hope that's a pattern the whole of Ireland follows...

Quote from the feedback section in the link below:

"We fought for 800 years for our freedom and we are not going to sign it away with the Lisbon Treaty.

"We are not prepared to give up our constitution to become part of another empire where the rights of the family, children, the unborn and the elderly will be torn to shreds, where our culture and beliefs will be consigned to the dustbin of a new Secular Europe. If you read the treaty you will find that full information is not 'Yet' available on all aspects of the 'PLAN', would you sign a contract where there were areas of incompleteness, more fool you if you did. "


A No Vote Would "Kill" the Lisbon Treaty


behind blue eyes said...

Here's hoping big time.

Is it deliberate and/or ironic that the battle between good and evil takes place on Friday 13th viz a viz the continuing implementation and integration of an evil Socialist super-state presided over by a minority Satanic Judeo-Masonic cabal versus the majority of the European populus who wish to remain

The Eastern European countries - out of anyone - need to wake up and realise - that they've replaced one totalitarian regime for another. They've replaced Communism with Communism with a smile viz a viz Socialism.

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