Saturday, 21 June 2008

Israel Practice for War against Iran

Whilst the rest of the world plan a peaceful settlement with Iran, including its right to peaceful, civil Nuclear power, Israel is planning to keep war going across the region (with, surprise surprise, the obvious backing of America).

Above Right: America backs Israeli warmongering taking the world to the verge of WW3. Still, at least if the mulatto Obama gets in things will change... er... right?

Why the hell are any of us surprised? Israel has attacked so many countries - including the bombing of an Iraqi nuclear facility and the recent murderous and disastrous invasion of Lebanon.

Still at least such sabre rattling and Zionist strong arm tactics (courtesy of US tax-payers) will give something for Lee Barnes to cheer on.

100 Israeli Jets in War Exercise


behind blue eyes said...

Doesn't the Marxist CFR member and crack smoking homosexual look so smug and all happy with himself in that picture.

Yeah, every single candidate in the upcoming farcical US election is a stooge of the Israeli Lobby. You simply don't become a candidate of the two major American political parties if you don't lick some Zionist arse!

Deesillustration has a geat image of this at:-

I think AIPAC in the picture stands for Another Israeli Poodle And Collobarator.

Melanie Phillips the rug munching Zionist fleabag must be wetting her underpants at the prospect of this attack taking place.

Purging the Cyclops said...

Melanie Phillips and her alter ego Lee Barnes!

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