Tuesday, 24 June 2008

How Many Jews Can You Fit in a Volvo?

We can all recall the schoolboy jokes that started like that. Well, I hope you can anyway - I certainly can.

Right: An Orthodox Stereotype appears in court

In my school there was a pamphlet passed around with loads of "anti-Semitic," "homophobic," "racist," and other wholesome humour. Called 100 Jokes Bound to Offend Anyone (or something similar) we all thought it was hilarious!

Ah! The heady days before political correctness reared its ugly head! Days of simple pleasures and genuine unbridled humour.

The "offensive" pamphlet was made even more popular and regarded almost universally as essential reading material following a ban by the school authorities and a declaration that anyone found in possession of it would face sanctions.

It became almost as famous as the Amoral Immoral Diseased Scum (AIDS) poster which was photocopied and distributed to pupils and their friends, families etc. The poster with a cartoon mustachioed, prancing, handbag swinging "gay" degenerate was the must-have accessory for the bigot-about-town!

So why do I mention such delightful 'samisdat' materials?

Well in the former there was a joke which started along the lines of this item. Yet, as they say, life imitates art.

Thus it was that today, a living anagram, Abraham Gniwosch, was fined and banned from driving.

This beautifully funny story saw an Orthodox Jew from North London, driving a Volvo, with a relative from New York insisting they all squeeze into one car rather than hire a taxi!

Just how many politically incorrect boxes does that tick?

Mr. Abraham Gniwosch should have been fined and banned, not only for dangerous driving, but for blatant and ludicrous fulfilment of a stereotype!

How Many Jews Can You Fit in a Volvo?

13 it seems...

Jew Fined & Banned for Stupidity


behind blue eyes said...

Jeez, there was 13 in their Mobile Ghetto, so were was the room to put the shrunken heads, Jewish soap and Jewish lampshades?

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