Friday, 20 June 2008

Turks Out of Europe!

Well done to Croatia for knocking the Turks out of Euro 2008...for a minute or so!

Er... then AFTER the full 30 minutes of extra time, the Turks equalise!

Then the Turks won the penalty shoot out.

At the end of the the first section of extra time the ref blew the whistle right on (or slightly before) the 15 mins. So why did he let the second section of extra time go OVER 3o mins?

The Croats were robbed and the Asians are through. For shame.


Harold Pinter's Secret Love Child said...

Germany V Turkey! Whoa! The German Ultras & Patriots are going to LOVE that!

behind blue eyes said...

Pity they weren't playing the Greeks!

Talking of Germany and Turks, check out these fantastic articles by Mike James a freelance writer and patriot now living in Germany.

They are entitled Zionists Forment Race War in Germany and can be found at:-

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