Sunday, 22 June 2008

Intimidation and Violence - Britain NOT Zimbabwe

There's lots in the media about Zimbabwe. And rightly so.

People are murdered, butchered, attacked, made homeless etc.

Right: Marxist thugs, their faces twisted with hate, attack a patriotic opposition rally. A smoke bomb is hurled at youngsters, OAPs, workers and others who take part in a legal, organised rally to oppose a State ideology and policy that had no common mandate.

Of course, Zimbabwe isn't in the Middle East, is no threat to Israel, and so America and Britain don't care about vote rigging, violence and intimidation.

Still, the liberal talking-heads on TV and the chattering classes of Islington wring their hands and shake their heads whilst leaving the people of Zimbabwe in the hands of a Marxian despot.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran have/will face the machinations of the "world community" (i.e. those threatened, coerced, brow-beaten or bribed into action by Israel and its puppet-state America) whilst Robert Mugabe walks between the raindrops.

Whilst the media denounce the intimidation and violence against the MDC opponents of Mugabe (an aside: should the Enough is Enough crowd have called themselves the MDC?) this got me to thinking.

On the news yesterday the BBC said that MDC members and supporters were being threatened by Zanu PF activists and turned away from political rallies by the state police.

What other state saw patriots wanting change in their country being intimidated and attacked by political activists often controlled or manipulated by the ruling politicians?

What other state saw patriots wanting change in their country being turned away from political rallies by the police, with coaches turned back from meeting points and excuses made to stop them gathering?

Occupied Palestine? Saudi Arabia? Soviet Russia?

Well in this instance I'm thinking of the UK, primarily in the 1970s when establishment figures unleashed the Marxian hoodlums of the Anti Nazi League (ANaL) against lawful and law-abiding National Front members (and their homes and businesses).

Meanwhile NF members travelling to rallies, marches and meetings would often be stopped by the police, intimidated (lately I understand NF members were even videoed one by one as they got off a coach!), searched, and turned away from lawful, organised events.

So whilst I concur with the liberals and others who tut tut over Mugabe's efforts to block popular unease in Zimbabwe, I have little time for their crocodile tears because they gave the green light to the ANaL thugs who bricked lawful marches, attacked little old NF grannies and gave carte blanche to the "security services" to harass, intimidate and block the lawful activities of NF activists.

As someone who has faced those intimidation tactics with police harassment outside school gates, selling papers in city centres, dodging police stopping tactics en route to rallies, and even police harassment at home - plus the attention of Marxist thugs from school onwards - I know the true face of "Westminster democracy."

Left: Zanu PF, er... sorry ANaL activists (look at their faces twisted with hate at political opponents to the State and its multi-culti ideology) try to stop a legitimate and lawful NF rally in Margate, Kent. Note the police state forces wear intimidatory garb (whilst they go "softly softly in areas where guns, knives, drugs and mugging reign supreme).

We may think we are "free to shake our chains" but like Mugabe's police state, we are only free to shake them quietly and as long as we don't upset the power-base and ideology of the ruling elite.


As an aside I told one of the FC sprogs that £1 is worth Zimbabwean $12,000,000,000. He was overjoyed and went to tell Mrs FC that he had $70,000,000,000 in his pocket.


behind blue eyes said...

"You are free to do as we tell you".

Robert 'Marxist' Mugabe is another Zionist stooge. As we know Rhodesia was ruled by the descendants of English colonists, until Communists decide they wanted the land, and all the mineral resources. They find a nobody college professor named Robert Mugabe, then elevate him to a Marxist eformer/Potentate, and elect him President.

Mugabe promises the peasants a new life, and quickly loots the country. Behind him in all of this is a Jewish tycoon named Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Mugabe was a nobody school teacher until he was suddenly backed by Communists/Jewish interests. In 1975, he was leading a Marxist terrorist insurgency against Ian Smith's government, and by 1979 he was in control. He was elected in one of the biggest voter frauds in history. He deflated the currency by 12000%, and told the white landowners they must sell to the blacks. $10,000,000 farms go for $50,000, and if they don't sell they are killed.

Zimbabwe has some of the richest gold deposits in the world. Mugabe has literally killed all the independent operators, and now the gold is mined under Jewish-controlled corporations.

The same thing with South Africa under the Communist Nelson Mandela. A Lithuanian Jew named Yossel Mashel Slovo ran the ANC Communist party. A picture of them together:-

We don't want to ruffle any Zionist feathers now do we Mr Brown over Zimbabwe!

Back to blighty, the Judeo-Masonic cabal that runs the country behind the scenes know that the main obstacle to their heinous plans are the nationalists and patriots that dwell in these fair isles. Hence they clamp down on us at every opportunity. We are thought criminals, racists and political dissidents to these totalitarian vampires.

Final Conflict said...

I did read that Mugabe was the favoured choice of the CIA/MI6 as opposed to another black rebel (whose name escapes me) in 1980 who was an out-and-out Marxist.

That's why Mugabe was knighted by the Tory government in the early 80s.

He is still "Sir Robert Mugabe" to this day.

As so often happens with American/British favoured puppets, they bite the hand that feeds and become absolutely corrupted.

if Mugabe were openly pro-British/American, he would probably have gotten away with much of this (a la the Saudis).

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