Friday, 13 June 2008

Lisbon Treaty: Ireland Says "NO!"

"Hurrah for the Irish" will ring down the ages.

Twice now they have stopped the machinations of the Eurocrats.

They voted NO to the Nice Treaty.

Now, if earlier reports are confirmed, they have voted NO to the Lisbon Treaty.

They have, in essence, stopped the EU Constitution being sneaked in by the back door by the power-hungry ignorant Freemasons.

The Eurocrats in their Lodges tried to ignore the people of France and the Netherlands who voted against the Constitution... but their Machiavellian ways have been scuppered by patriots in Ireland.

All eyes are now watching Brussels to see what the Masonic Overlords try to do next to sneak the Constitution through (ignoring yet another popular vote); because one thing is for sure above anything else, the European Lodge members will not let the Irish people stand in their way.

They are too greedy, arrogant, proud and devious. They didn't let the French or Dutch stand in their way. They won't want to let the Irish snub their plans either.

Now it's down to all Nationalists across Europe to make sure they don't tweak their illegible Treaty and try to force it through yet again.

But in the meantime: WELL DONE TO THE IRISH!


behind blue eyes said...

My first drink tonight will be a nice pint of Guiness in recognition of this momentous act.

Love Europe hate the EU.

My al fella didn't fight in the Second World War for our countries freedom for us to be ruled fifty years later by a cabal of unaccountable faceless corrupt bureaucrats in Brussels & Strasbourg.

Every country in the world should have the right to national self-detrermination & its own sovereignity.

Ted 'Paedophile' Heath knew exactly what he was getting Britain into when he enrolled us into the Common Market. It was sold as being an economic trading block, however the secret agenda was always about the complete political, social and economic integration of the countries into a giant federal Socialist super-state.

Call me geographically challenged but I was taught at school that Europe was a continent made up of different countries with their own languages, flags and traditions etc. not a single country, so why has the EU got its own flag and anthem?

Craig said...

You're welcome, we did our best and the No side carried that day.

"They won't want to let the Irish snub their plans either."

They won't let us. Right now they're sitting in their (private) halls planning what to do next.

mtfury1 said...

I have watched Al jazeera, France 24, Euronews and the BBC and on all of those channels there was the variant of "the Irish didn't really vote against the EU Treaty, it was more a chance to knock the government/ lack of understanding/ ignorance/ "Little Irelander" types lying to Joe Public etc.
One contributor muttered darkly about running a research campaign to "see what exactly the Irish didn't get" although whether the first Gulag/Re-education Camp would be near Tipperary was left unsaid.
Not one of the contributors (except the lass from the No Campaign) celebrated the free democratic way the Irish have exercised choice.
God bless Ireland.

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