Friday, 27 June 2008

FC Poll Result on Fuel Prices

An interesting poll this week.

Is the runaway price of oil down to:

"Peak Oil" i.e supplies running out.
1 (5%)
Speculation by Financiers
12 (66%)
Supply and demand (esp India and China)
2 (11%)
None of the above.
3 (16%)

The majority view is my own, i.e. that financiers and speculators have done much to create this situation; their own greed outweighing any sense of duty to the common good - 'twas ever thus!

For those who voted "None of the above" perhaps you could write your ideas in the feedback section.

Other ideas, anecdotes, evidence etc. appreciated.


mtfury1 said...

There are two types of crude oil - light/sweet (Nigeria, Libya) easy to get lots of petrol from and sour crude which is harder to transport refine etc (Saudi, Kuwait, Iran, Venezuela). The biggest producers of crude produce sour crude therefore more expensive to get petrol from.

Peak Oil has been overrrated, however - like with coal, the more you extract the harder it gets, the more difficult to find etc.However the Chinese have circumvented the Wall Street Jews by directly (in leauge with Venezuela and Iran) searching out oil reserves which western companies have had exploration rights to but, "inexplicably", done nothing with. No financier wants low prices and glutted markets I guess.The Chines also have one and a half trillion dollars to play with - and they are willing to pay the eye watering going rate for all oil available, in cash, upfront, no argument.

There is a not seen before demand from India and China; the Chinese especially have taken to the car big time. And of course the tat on the shelves of Tescbury's is made of plastic- a derivitave of oil. Further - the diet of the Chinese has changed in the past 30 years; beef milk and cheese have become very popular - cows eat grain, grain is grown using petrochemical fertilizers.

Speculation is the only way the City can raise the ludicrous sums required ti even half fulfil the promises of growth made for unit trusts, endowments pensions etc since the housing market went fut.

These people care nothing for the common folk- anything consumable is gambled on - the rise in the price of gold oil silver lead and coffee have all shot up. But of course oil is the best because we have been made absolutely dependent on foriegn import of foods - a great deal of the wheat grown is not for human consumption but animal feed, and on the car for transport to the megamarts and work.

So really you needed an "All the above" button.

behind blue eyes said...

What bloody retard voted "Peak Oil"?

Peak Oil is a myth perpetrated by the Synagogue of Satan - just like the Global Warming Hoax - so they can hold the world to ransom.

Some interesting articles to do with this subject:-

The people behind the spike in gasoline prices; Sprecher, Cohn, Friedman, Sproeser and Blankfein

Oil shortage a myth, says industry insider

Oil price inflation mostly due to pure speculation, instead of demand

Brazil Oil Find Biggest in 30 Years

North Dakota oil estimate skyrockets to 4.3 billion barrels

Brazil discovers vast new oil reserves

Contrived Shortages and the New Reality

Purging the Cyclops said...

It's interesting that the BNP ran a seminar in Hampshire pushing the ideas of some nutty American about 'Peak Oil.'

Needless to add the BNP promised him all expenses, then reneaged and failed to cover his travel costs etc.

So not only are they pushing the cranky ideas promoted by certain NWO cronies (yeah - and not just on Zionism!) but they can't even resist scrweing more money out of a situation to pay for Gribin-extensions and Croatian retirement villas! ;-)

Craig said...

"What bloody retard voted "Peak Oil"?"

It was me actually, and while I may be bloody, I'm not a retard.
But thanks for your concern.

Oil isn't infinite in supply, like virtually any resource, and while there will still be new discoveries in the future, it's going to run out sooner or later. So much has been used by China, India, the US etc. in recent decades (and so much will be used over the coming years) that regardless of the veracity or otherwise of Peak Oil, new sources of energy have to be found.

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