Sunday, 15 June 2008

Free People Will Always Defend Faith, Family, Nation

Why are we Distributists?

Why are we Ruralists?

Why are we Nationalists?

Right: The latest statement from the EU on why other countries must continue to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

Because we believe all three give freedom and identity to the peoples of Europe -- and elsewhere for that matter!

We believe that the state should not interfere unnecessarily with families and communities.

We believe that people, that is communities and families, should be as self-sufficient as possible.

What could be greener in this age of ecological worriers? What could better for the "carbon footprint" counters of medialand?

But it goes deeper than that. Our people, crammed into tower blocks, council estates and terraced rabbit hutches have, step by step, been disenfranchised and homogenised.

This has been a process over centuries which began in earnest with the enclosing of the land, the industrial revolution and the cramming of our people into slums, even into basements as a means for a few industrialists and bankers to make the equivalent of billions.

Profits before people. It's been their mantra ever since.

The process reached its zenith with mass coloured immigration which destroyed even the urbanised communities which retained a portion of the identity and belonging that our peoples once felt down to their very core.

Of course its not possible to undo hundreds of years of rampant Capitalism, or the 'profits before people' creed which has seen our people shoved around for the benefit of those whose sole concern is money, those who have no national pride or belonging (the New Unhappy Lords that GK Chesterton wrote about, and the bankers with their Hebrew snouts in ledgers that Dr Saunders Lewis wrote about).

But where our people (Europeans) retain some identity, in the rural areas, the vote against the EU in Ireland, France and elsewhere was strongest (as shown in the link below).

The metropolitan elites, the chattering classes, which are known in the UK by such London locales as Islington and Primrose Hill, are pro-EU because they know they will benefit financially. They have no national identity to speak of, their first loyalty is to money, then to their "metrosexual" lifestyle and for the older generation to the local Lodge.

Of course in rural areas, families and communities tend to be less multi-culti which means they retain not only a sense of national pride and duty to the country, but they also retain a Christian identity. This is something I have witnessed myself not only here, but also in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and elsewhere.

This is why our chattering classes embrace the EU. It's also why they embrace multi-culturalism and seek to force it on the rest of us.

They want our loyalties to be to Sony and Pepsi, Vodafone and Tescos.

The very idea of Faith, Family, Nation is anathema to them.

Faith: Christianity is at best "medieval" and at worst "bigoted" and to be overturned, ignored or changed to be just one of many in a pick-n-mix melting pot which is also "tolerant" of homosexuality, abortion etc.

Family: This cornerstone of any decent nation has been willfully neglected and attacked by the political elites to the extent that the multi-surname "family" and the proliferation of "partners" is now the norm in many areas. Of course the latter is also a pc agenda to put homosexual "couples" on a par with cohabitees, married automatons with no kids (but two careers and two cars!), and traditional families who are busy trying to make sure we as a people don't die out.

Nation: Well, the very EU agenda is seeking to destroy all vestige of nationhood throughout Europe! And it is those very communities which hold onto their remnants of Faith, Family and Nation - however imperfect or warped by decades of media spin - that have delivered such a shock to the political, big business and multi-culti classes.

So the next time someone tells you that Ruralism, Distributism and Nationalism are "backwards" just tell them if the alternative is to move forwards into EU slavery, police state controls and total loss of identity, then we'll be glad to move "backwards."

Left: GK Chesterton, "The Defender" who shot through the limp arguments of liberals, socialists, multi-cultis, Capitalists and the political class with tenacity and wit.

Besides which as has been attributed to GK Chesterton when some tom fool told him that you cannot turn the clock back he said "Sir, you clearly know nothing about clocks."

As GKC also said, in the topsy turvey world it is the Traditionalist who is the Revolutionary. And if GKC thought his world was topsy turvey, what would he say of ours???

The Rural and the Poor Defeated the EU


Anonymous said...

The Song Of The Wheels

G.K. Chesterton


King Dives he was walking in his garden all alone,
Where his flowers are made of iron and his trees are made of stone,
And his hives are full of thunder and the lightning leaps and kills,
For the mills of God grind slowly; and he works with other mills.
Dives found a mighty silence; and he missed the throb and leap,
The noise of all the sleepless creatures singing him to sleep.
And he said: "A screw has fallen -- or a bolt has slipped aside --
Some little thing has shifted": and the little things replied:

"Call upon the wheels, master, call upon the wheels;
We are taking rest, master, finding how it feels,
Strict the law of thine and mine: theft we ever shun --
All the wheels are thine, master -- tell the wheels to run!
Yea, the Wheels are mighty gods -- set them going then!
We are only men, master, have you heard of men?

"O, they live on earth like fishes, and a gasp is all their breath.
God for empty honours only gave them death and scorn of death,
And you walk the worms for carpet and you tread a stone that squeals
Only, God that made them worms did not make them wheels.
Man shall shut his heart against you and you shall not find the spring.
Man who wills the thing he wants not, the intolerable thing --
Once he likes his empty belly better than your empty head
Earth and heaven are dumb before him: he is stronger than the dead.

"Call upon the wheels, master, call upon the wheels,
Steel is beneath your hand, stone beneath your heels,
Steel will never laugh aloud, hearing what we heard,
Stone will never break its heart, mad with hope deferred --
Men of tact that arbitrate, slow reform that heals --
Save the stinking grease, master, save it for the wheels.

"King Dives in the garden, we have naught to give or hold --
(Even while the baby came alive the rotten sticks were sold.)
The savage knows a cavern and the peasants keep a plot,
Of all the things that men have had -- lo! we have them not.
Not a scrap of earth where ants could lay their eggs --
Only this poor lump of earth that walks about on legs --
Only this poor wandering mansion, only these two walking trees,
Only hands and hearts and stomachs -- what have you to do with these?
You have engines big and burnished, tall beyond our fathers' ken,
Why should you make peace and traffic with such feeble folk as men?

"Call upon the wheels, master, call upon the wheels,
They are deaf to demagogues, deaf to crude appeals;
Are our hands our own, master? -- how the doctors doubt!
Are our legs our own, master? wheels can run without --
Prove the points are delicate -- they will understand.
All the wheels are loyal; see how still they stand!"

King Dives he was walking in his garden in the sun,
He shook his hand at heaven, and he called the wheels to run,
And the eyes of him were hateful eyes, the lips of him were curled,
And he called upon his father that is lord below the world,
Sitting in the Gate of Treason, in the gate of broken seals,
"Bend and bind them, bend and bind them, bend and bind them into wheels,
Then once more in all my garden there may swing and sound and sweep --
The noise of all the sleepless things that sing the soul to sleep."

Call upon the wheels, master, call upon the wheels,
Weary grow the holidays when you miss the meals,
Through the Gate of Treason, through the gate within,
Cometh fear and greed of fame, cometh deadly sin;
If a man grow faint, master, take him ere he kneels,
Take him, break him, rend him, end him, roll him, crush him with the wheels.

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