Friday, 13 June 2008

Last Week's Quote: de la Tour du Pin

"The immediate aim of social politics must be to gather men together in the religious, economic or political order, not only according to their domicile, but also in accordance with their profession; in religion, according to their religious fraternity; in the economy by their corporations*; in politics according to the representation of interests; in other words to develop the corporative* regime with all its principles."

R. de la Tour du Pin,
Vers un Ordre Social Chretien.

*By Corporations we should understand it as Guilds and Workingmen's Associations - not like Corporate Bodies today which tend to be Big Businesses and Global Multi-Nationals. A country in which Guilds/Corporations were important in social, economic and political life were known as Corporative or Corporatist. Most were labeled "Fascist" and were Christian.


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