Monday, 30 June 2008

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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Should 'Independent Reviewer of Terrorism' be a Jew or Muslim?

Am I the only one to find it disconcerting that the Lib Dem Lord Carlyle has been made "
the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation" for the UK government?

The Lib Dem peer and judge was appointed by ex-Home Secretary David Blunkett to carry out the official review of the emergency terror legislation, and is now perceived to be one of the chief experts on terror.

My concern stems not only from the fact that 'Lord' Carlyle has the "right of return" to Israel (a right not extended to Palestinian refugees forced from their homes by terrorism), and so some might question the legitimacy of his being "independent" given that the alleged "clash of civilisations" greatly effects Jews and Israel.

My concern also stems from the fact that he has a history of outspoken attacks on patriots (he organised the trial of Paul Ballard and Nick Griffin because they produced a racialist magazine questioning the holocaust and praising the SS) and because from very early on he was trying to promote the idea that 28 days internment without charge (far longer than anywhere in Europe or North America) somehow isn't enough.

This led to the government plucking figures out of the air which is now fixed on 42 days (Douglas Adams fans take note).

Just this last week Lord Carlyle tried to stoke the flames with a very Neo Con sounding statement, viz the usage of private planes by "terrorists" to attack civilians. No doubt this plan is now top of Mossad's list.

My question is this. Would an Arab (moreover a Muslim Arab) be allowed to hold such a position, to agitate for political and policy changes that advance his racial and religious groupings aims, and how long before the media hounded him out?

Of course (your honour) I have no evidence at all that Lord Carlyle is working for any external agency, nor that his loyalties lie anywhere but with the Westminster regime, nor that he is advancing a (very illiberal) Neo Con agenda.

But we should be free to think of the possibilities... shouldn't we?


As an afterthought, how interesting that Nick Griffin and the BNP have done a volte face to become kindred spirits in the Neo Con anti-terror charade perpetuated by this government and its advisers. Whereas once upon a time Neo Cons viewed the (revisionist) BNP boss as a threat he must now view "the most Zionist" party as an ally in all things anti-Muslim.

How interesting!

Lord Carlyle Pushes for 28 Day Detention Review
Lord Carlyle advises the government
Lord Carlyle's Party opposes 42 Day Detention

Wendy Alexander's Resignation

After reading the FC Blog Wendy Alexander has been shamed into standing down as the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland!

Right: Who's Laughing Now?

Now if only other politicians caught with their hands in the till would stand down...

Yet resignation of ministerial post isn't enough. Wendy, like Peter 'Permatan' Hain and all the others, should be sacked as a member of parliament.

At the moment the signal we're getting is that cheating, illegality and/or embezzlement results in self-imposed demotion.

Like any self-regulation it's limp-wristed, weak and does nothing to stop future infringements.

So Wendy, well done for stepping down, but as no-one will make you, now's the time to show you are honest: resign as an MSP.

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Last Week's Quote: G.K. Chesterton on Christianity & Democracy

"Much vague and sentimental journalism has been poured out to the effect that Christianity is akin to democracy, and most of it is scarcely strong or clear enough to refute the fact that the two things have often quarreled."

G.K. Chesterton,

Friday, 27 June 2008

FC Poll Result on Fuel Prices

An interesting poll this week.

Is the runaway price of oil down to:

"Peak Oil" i.e supplies running out.
1 (5%)
Speculation by Financiers
12 (66%)
Supply and demand (esp India and China)
2 (11%)
None of the above.
3 (16%)

The majority view is my own, i.e. that financiers and speculators have done much to create this situation; their own greed outweighing any sense of duty to the common good - 'twas ever thus!

For those who voted "None of the above" perhaps you could write your ideas in the feedback section.

Other ideas, anecdotes, evidence etc. appreciated.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wendy Alexander, Electoral Commission, Holidays & Expenses

There was a piece on tonight's news about Wendy Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader.

Right: Wendy Alexander, New Labour bigwig, Scottish opposition leader (the Scottish Nats are in control) laughs it up. She broke the law, and her punishment is a 24 hour suspension from Holyrood which won't take effect until the Autumn as the MSPs (Scottish MPs) are off on hols until then!

She was guilty of accepting illegal donations from a "non-dom" Labour supporter from Jersey - i.e. he was not on the UK voter register and so could not donate to UK parties.

I found two things very interesting.

The first was that the Electoral Commission refused to take action over her rule (law!) breaking, and it fell to the Scottish Parliament to suspend her for one day (yes, one day!).

This is further evidence that the Electoral Commission is a toothless joke which covers-up or ignores blatant law breaking by political parties and politicians; all of which (needless to add) does nothing to assuage the fears of an increasingly cynical electorate that the politicians bob and weave to side-step the rules (even feeble ones) and when caught they shrug their shoulders and seek out the next loophole.

The second interesting point was that the single day's suspension (wow - that'll teach her!!!) will be... erm... suspended (!) until the Autumn because the Scottish Parliament is closing down for the Summer.

Excuse me?

These bloated bureaucrats, these prancing prima-donnas, these expense-account executives, get exactly how long off? Three months???

And they wonder why we think they are overpaid, money-grubbing, expenses twisting miscreants!

In what other profession do you get a good wage, almost carte blanch expenses, housing and food paid for, subsidised bars and restaurants, elongated holidays, free travel, free post, plus the ability to hold down any number of other jobs (regardless of conflicts of interest) and to employ family members without advertising the posts?

I'm not alone in thinking that these people should take their snouts out of the trough and cast a view around a crumbling country which they have allowed to descend into an amoral mess in which criminality, drugs, violence et al are endemic.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Police State Tactics in London

A great piece here from Simon Smith's Nationalist Truth, introducing a piece from the Daily Mail.

Why do the police see the need to cause violence at an anti-war rally?

Can anyone now claim our police aren't politicised?

Nationalist Truth on the Police State

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

"Anti-Muslim" Race War Paedophile

Martyn Gilleard's home was raided over child porn download offences.

It then turned out a man fed on the "modern" nationalist line of anti-Muslim hysteria was planning bombing activities.

The lessons here are so numerous as to be overwhelming.

Nationalists must stop appealing to the lowest common denominator and misfits.

Nationalists must raise their arguments and avoid being corralled along an ever-narrowing "anti-Muslim" one way street.

Nationalists must assert that degeneracy and perversion have to be rooted out of the movement and society in general with emphasis placed on total defence and promotion of the family (beyond Tory-style sloganeering).

As with the paedophile Kevin Strom in America, these "people" and their distorted perverted ways do untold damage and only a robust stance against degenerates and in total defence of the family will suffice.

Paedophile Scum Faces Jail

p.s. Look at the video on this link for the face of Searchlies' Nick Lowles. No more sneaking into BNP meetings for Nick!

How Many Jews Can You Fit in a Volvo?

We can all recall the schoolboy jokes that started like that. Well, I hope you can anyway - I certainly can.

Right: An Orthodox Stereotype appears in court

In my school there was a pamphlet passed around with loads of "anti-Semitic," "homophobic," "racist," and other wholesome humour. Called 100 Jokes Bound to Offend Anyone (or something similar) we all thought it was hilarious!

Ah! The heady days before political correctness reared its ugly head! Days of simple pleasures and genuine unbridled humour.

The "offensive" pamphlet was made even more popular and regarded almost universally as essential reading material following a ban by the school authorities and a declaration that anyone found in possession of it would face sanctions.

It became almost as famous as the Amoral Immoral Diseased Scum (AIDS) poster which was photocopied and distributed to pupils and their friends, families etc. The poster with a cartoon mustachioed, prancing, handbag swinging "gay" degenerate was the must-have accessory for the bigot-about-town!

So why do I mention such delightful 'samisdat' materials?

Well in the former there was a joke which started along the lines of this item. Yet, as they say, life imitates art.

Thus it was that today, a living anagram, Abraham Gniwosch, was fined and banned from driving.

This beautifully funny story saw an Orthodox Jew from North London, driving a Volvo, with a relative from New York insisting they all squeeze into one car rather than hire a taxi!

Just how many politically incorrect boxes does that tick?

Mr. Abraham Gniwosch should have been fined and banned, not only for dangerous driving, but for blatant and ludicrous fulfilment of a stereotype!

How Many Jews Can You Fit in a Volvo?

13 it seems...

Jew Fined & Banned for Stupidity

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Intimidation and Violence - Britain NOT Zimbabwe

There's lots in the media about Zimbabwe. And rightly so.

People are murdered, butchered, attacked, made homeless etc.

Right: Marxist thugs, their faces twisted with hate, attack a patriotic opposition rally. A smoke bomb is hurled at youngsters, OAPs, workers and others who take part in a legal, organised rally to oppose a State ideology and policy that had no common mandate.

Of course, Zimbabwe isn't in the Middle East, is no threat to Israel, and so America and Britain don't care about vote rigging, violence and intimidation.

Still, the liberal talking-heads on TV and the chattering classes of Islington wring their hands and shake their heads whilst leaving the people of Zimbabwe in the hands of a Marxian despot.

Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran have/will face the machinations of the "world community" (i.e. those threatened, coerced, brow-beaten or bribed into action by Israel and its puppet-state America) whilst Robert Mugabe walks between the raindrops.

Whilst the media denounce the intimidation and violence against the MDC opponents of Mugabe (an aside: should the Enough is Enough crowd have called themselves the MDC?) this got me to thinking.

On the news yesterday the BBC said that MDC members and supporters were being threatened by Zanu PF activists and turned away from political rallies by the state police.

What other state saw patriots wanting change in their country being intimidated and attacked by political activists often controlled or manipulated by the ruling politicians?

What other state saw patriots wanting change in their country being turned away from political rallies by the police, with coaches turned back from meeting points and excuses made to stop them gathering?

Occupied Palestine? Saudi Arabia? Soviet Russia?

Well in this instance I'm thinking of the UK, primarily in the 1970s when establishment figures unleashed the Marxian hoodlums of the Anti Nazi League (ANaL) against lawful and law-abiding National Front members (and their homes and businesses).

Meanwhile NF members travelling to rallies, marches and meetings would often be stopped by the police, intimidated (lately I understand NF members were even videoed one by one as they got off a coach!), searched, and turned away from lawful, organised events.

So whilst I concur with the liberals and others who tut tut over Mugabe's efforts to block popular unease in Zimbabwe, I have little time for their crocodile tears because they gave the green light to the ANaL thugs who bricked lawful marches, attacked little old NF grannies and gave carte blanche to the "security services" to harass, intimidate and block the lawful activities of NF activists.

As someone who has faced those intimidation tactics with police harassment outside school gates, selling papers in city centres, dodging police stopping tactics en route to rallies, and even police harassment at home - plus the attention of Marxist thugs from school onwards - I know the true face of "Westminster democracy."

Left: Zanu PF, er... sorry ANaL activists (look at their faces twisted with hate at political opponents to the State and its multi-culti ideology) try to stop a legitimate and lawful NF rally in Margate, Kent. Note the police state forces wear intimidatory garb (whilst they go "softly softly in areas where guns, knives, drugs and mugging reign supreme).

We may think we are "free to shake our chains" but like Mugabe's police state, we are only free to shake them quietly and as long as we don't upset the power-base and ideology of the ruling elite.


As an aside I told one of the FC sprogs that £1 is worth Zimbabwean $12,000,000,000. He was overjoyed and went to tell Mrs FC that he had $70,000,000,000 in his pocket.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Israel Practice for War against Iran

Whilst the rest of the world plan a peaceful settlement with Iran, including its right to peaceful, civil Nuclear power, Israel is planning to keep war going across the region (with, surprise surprise, the obvious backing of America).

Above Right: America backs Israeli warmongering taking the world to the verge of WW3. Still, at least if the mulatto Obama gets in things will change... er... right?

Why the hell are any of us surprised? Israel has attacked so many countries - including the bombing of an Iraqi nuclear facility and the recent murderous and disastrous invasion of Lebanon.

Still at least such sabre rattling and Zionist strong arm tactics (courtesy of US tax-payers) will give something for Lee Barnes to cheer on.

100 Israeli Jets in War Exercise

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion!


It's true.

Spread the word.

Let your friends know.

Tell the neigh- bours.

Break out the celebratory pork pies!

Good news for all fellow "extremists" and conspiracy lovers!

After a long wait, during which we've fielded many enquiries about their availability, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are now back in stock at FC.

Yes! The bane of every Zionist. The book every traitor and liberal likes to dismiss as a "forgery." At the name of this book, turncoats and White renegades tremble with rage and fear.

So get the book whilst it's still legal! Read for yourself the plans our overlords had planned for Christian civilisation over 100 years ago and see for yourself how much has come true, and read about their planned methodology (which you will recognise!).

If this was a "Tsarist forgery" it had the stunning good luck to foresee the exact attacks on our nations and peoples, the methods used to undermine us and the ways in which the Freemasonic/Zionist political elite would seek to rule us.

The book is available at the link below.

Whilst getting it, please look out for our other conspiracy and political books which tie-in, especially those on Freemasonry.

Buy The Protocols today and sock it to the Zionists!

Books From FC

P.S. For a great song about The Protocols get the Carl Klang CD "Extremist" and listen to the song The News Behind the News. The CD is now on special offer at just £5!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Turks Out of Europe!

Well done to Croatia for knocking the Turks out of Euro 2008...for a minute or so!

Er... then AFTER the full 30 minutes of extra time, the Turks equalise!

Then the Turks won the penalty shoot out.

At the end of the the first section of extra time the ref blew the whistle right on (or slightly before) the 15 mins. So why did he let the second section of extra time go OVER 3o mins?

The Croats were robbed and the Asians are through. For shame.

Ex-BNP Member as "Jihadist" Recruiter

News broke today concerning Stephen Jones, an ex-BNP member who is now a "radical Muslim."

Right: Ms. Shazza Bint from Huddersfield says "I used to support Nick Griffin, but I find Osama more democratic and open to debate."

No doubt the "most Zionist" BNP have denounced him.

What's interesting is whilst a White, British, European Muslim is beyond the pale for the BNP, all manner of Afro-Caribbeans, Asiatic Sikhs and Hindus, plus our old friends the Jews are voter fodder (if not potential members or allies) for the modernist BNP.

I find it hard to understand the former in light of the latter... until one returns to the idea (thanks to the Board of Zionist Deputies) that the BNP is now the "Most Zionist" Party.


Sounds like a Mugabesque acronym. How apt.

Ex-BNP Muslim as "Al Qaeda" recruiter

Last Week's Quote: Fascism in Ireland

"When we think of the striking similarity of the Italy to which Mussolini came as a leader and our own present-day Ireland we realise that [The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism] will have more than a passing value to those who are interested in rescuing our country from weak government, civil unrest and the encroachment of Communism."

J O'M.,
United Irishmen, November 1933.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

FC Poll Result on Members, Appeals etc.

Do You Think FC Should Have:

A Membership Structure.
4 (57%)
A Supporter Structure
3 (42%)
A Militants' Levy
3 (42%)
More Fundraising
1 (14%)
Appeals For Specific Campaigns
4 (57%)
None of the Above
0 (0%)

It's a shame that a few more people didn't vote if only to give an external viewpoint.

The idea for this poll came about after one supporter sent us a £10 donation last week along with a letter asking why we couldn't have a membership structure...

I guess we'll have to chew the fat on that one and decide what can be done.

An Easy Way to Help FC

We're looking for some patriots to help us with graphic design work, logos, DTP etc.

The gent who used to do much of our work had to change employment and so in order to progress various jobs and instigate new initiatives etc. we'd like some folks to help out, if possible.

This could be an hour a month or a couple of hours a week: whatever time you could give or however else you could help with advice, software etc. - we'd really appreciate it.

If you can help, please leave feedback to this item with a contactable email address.

We won't publish the feedback - we'll delete it, and contact you discretely.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I Wouldn't Trust Gordon Brown With THESE

I don't know about you....

...but I wouldn't trust Gordon Brown with these!

Let alone a national economy!

HMV, Afghanistan and Dead Soldiers

So let's just get this straight a minute.

George 'Dubya' Bush goes into Downing Street yesterday as part of his world tour in the Autumn of his reign (to leave some kind of diplomatic foreign policy to Obama/McCain after years of bullying, threatening, cajoling and bribing to force others to join in Zionist wars).

Later that same day our "Dear Leader," the only dithering Stalinist fop in history, announced to the media that extra British troops are being sent into Afghanistan.

Gordon Brown has a history of awful decisions. Remember this was the man who, in one of his first actions as chancellor was to sell off the family silver -- aka the nation's gold -- at a time when it achieved an all-time low price, not so much an 'Iron Chancellor' as a 'Rag-n-Bone Man Chancellor'. At the time I thought it smacked of desperation, like someone going to one of those neon lit shops in the seedy parts of town which offer to give you cash against your payslip a few days in advance (at a whopping interest rate).

So now GB returns to his vomit and makes another awful decision which makes no sense!

Talk about "His Master's Voice!"

So in his tour to engender the world to his legacy, Dubya forced our P.M. into sacrificing more lives in a needless, pointless and unwinnable war?

Thanks George! Your murderous, gutless bastard!

I tell you what, when you leave the White House next year why don't you sign up as a foot-slogger and go off for a tour of duty?

Show us how much "freedom and democracy" (Israel and Oil Dollars) mean to you personally!

As for you, Gordon Brown, alleged Presbyterian Socialist. What the hell are you? A national leader breaking free from the shadow of Blair? Or just another mealy-mouthed puppet of America sending off men and women to die for a Zionist cause that has nothing to with us?

If you are voted out of office in 2009/2010 let's see if you too sign-up. The Scots Guards or Coldstream Guards must be recruiting?

When we learn today that another batch of soldiers have died (including the first female Brit to die in Afghanistan) how dare Gordon Brown show his face!

Does he think anyone will thank him for doing Dubya's wishes? Does he think the families of the many more that will die will thank him?

Does he even think "we" can do what the USSR couldn't, with it's lack of scruples and huge military infrastructure (it too had a puppet government -- only that time we "democrats" backed those we today call "terrorists," remember the Mujahadeen?).

No doubt Gordon, Like Tony before him and like George soon, will get some nice sinecures from banks, big businesses and global NGOs.

We just hope the mangled bodies of hundreds more soldiers and the many that will come home physically and mentally damaged will make Gordon's retirement villa worth it.

Those kind of villas come cheaper as the credit crunch bites.

They make even be down to just 29 pieces of silver!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Van Gogh & the Credit Crunch

One of the little FC Pro-Lifers was telling me today all about Van Gogh.

After some banter about his ear and what a "nutter" he must've been we talked through how the artist hadn't sold any pictures during his lifetime.

I told the FC sprog that this was in stark contrast to today when his pictures are worth so much.

"I know," I was told quite firmly, "his paintings are worth pounds. Not pennies mind! Pounds."

Seems the credit crunch is really biting.

Does the art world know?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Free People Will Always Defend Faith, Family, Nation

Why are we Distributists?

Why are we Ruralists?

Why are we Nationalists?

Right: The latest statement from the EU on why other countries must continue to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.

Because we believe all three give freedom and identity to the peoples of Europe -- and elsewhere for that matter!

We believe that the state should not interfere unnecessarily with families and communities.

We believe that people, that is communities and families, should be as self-sufficient as possible.

What could be greener in this age of ecological worriers? What could better for the "carbon footprint" counters of medialand?

But it goes deeper than that. Our people, crammed into tower blocks, council estates and terraced rabbit hutches have, step by step, been disenfranchised and homogenised.

This has been a process over centuries which began in earnest with the enclosing of the land, the industrial revolution and the cramming of our people into slums, even into basements as a means for a few industrialists and bankers to make the equivalent of billions.

Profits before people. It's been their mantra ever since.

The process reached its zenith with mass coloured immigration which destroyed even the urbanised communities which retained a portion of the identity and belonging that our peoples once felt down to their very core.

Of course its not possible to undo hundreds of years of rampant Capitalism, or the 'profits before people' creed which has seen our people shoved around for the benefit of those whose sole concern is money, those who have no national pride or belonging (the New Unhappy Lords that GK Chesterton wrote about, and the bankers with their Hebrew snouts in ledgers that Dr Saunders Lewis wrote about).

But where our people (Europeans) retain some identity, in the rural areas, the vote against the EU in Ireland, France and elsewhere was strongest (as shown in the link below).

The metropolitan elites, the chattering classes, which are known in the UK by such London locales as Islington and Primrose Hill, are pro-EU because they know they will benefit financially. They have no national identity to speak of, their first loyalty is to money, then to their "metrosexual" lifestyle and for the older generation to the local Lodge.

Of course in rural areas, families and communities tend to be less multi-culti which means they retain not only a sense of national pride and duty to the country, but they also retain a Christian identity. This is something I have witnessed myself not only here, but also in Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and elsewhere.

This is why our chattering classes embrace the EU. It's also why they embrace multi-culturalism and seek to force it on the rest of us.

They want our loyalties to be to Sony and Pepsi, Vodafone and Tescos.

The very idea of Faith, Family, Nation is anathema to them.

Faith: Christianity is at best "medieval" and at worst "bigoted" and to be overturned, ignored or changed to be just one of many in a pick-n-mix melting pot which is also "tolerant" of homosexuality, abortion etc.

Family: This cornerstone of any decent nation has been willfully neglected and attacked by the political elites to the extent that the multi-surname "family" and the proliferation of "partners" is now the norm in many areas. Of course the latter is also a pc agenda to put homosexual "couples" on a par with cohabitees, married automatons with no kids (but two careers and two cars!), and traditional families who are busy trying to make sure we as a people don't die out.

Nation: Well, the very EU agenda is seeking to destroy all vestige of nationhood throughout Europe! And it is those very communities which hold onto their remnants of Faith, Family and Nation - however imperfect or warped by decades of media spin - that have delivered such a shock to the political, big business and multi-culti classes.

So the next time someone tells you that Ruralism, Distributism and Nationalism are "backwards" just tell them if the alternative is to move forwards into EU slavery, police state controls and total loss of identity, then we'll be glad to move "backwards."

Left: GK Chesterton, "The Defender" who shot through the limp arguments of liberals, socialists, multi-cultis, Capitalists and the political class with tenacity and wit.

Besides which as has been attributed to GK Chesterton when some tom fool told him that you cannot turn the clock back he said "Sir, you clearly know nothing about clocks."

As GKC also said, in the topsy turvey world it is the Traditionalist who is the Revolutionary. And if GKC thought his world was topsy turvey, what would he say of ours???

The Rural and the Poor Defeated the EU

Irish Analysis of the Lisbon Treaty Vote

This is a very interesting article which dissects the result of the vote, the likely response by the Europhiles.

Right: Brussels had had a bomb dropped on it which has a suspiciously Irish green hue to it! The Europhiles, Freemasons and Eurocrats are already planning their response.

It will be invaluable to Nationalists worldwide as it is written by an Irish patriot, rather than so much else on the net which is written by those of us outside Ireland or otherwise by well-meaning liberals and even lefties within Ireland.

Irish Reflections on Lisbon Treaty Result

Ignore Irish Lisbon Treaty Vote Says the EU

The Eurocrats are already calling for the remaining EU Nations to "ratify the Lisbon Treaty" -- all are being done by parliaments of course, not referenda like Ireland.

Equally they are hinting that - surprise, surprise! - Ireland will be asked to vote again. As the BBC's Mark Mardell says (see link below) it is becoming clear that the Freemasonic Elders in Brussels do not understand the word NO.

We all knew it would come to this of course!

The Eurocrats talk the talk about democracy, but like all politicians none of them really believe in it. What they believe in is the right to rule by a Masonic elite via the controlled media, via established political parties, via the funds and backing of banks and big businesses - and so on...

If they believed in "democracy" we would never have had mass coloured immigration; there would be no "legalising" of homosexuality; there would be no abortion-on-demand; there would have been no Iraq war - and so on and so forth.

You would think self-proclaimed 'democrats' would have the courage of their convictions and respect the democratic will of the Danish, the Dutch, the French and now the Irish!

In the UK, whilst New Labour stooges claim David Davis is "wasting money" by instigating a by-election to make a stand over opposition to the government's attempts to bring in 42 Days Internment without charge, they insist (see 2nd link below) on wasting money and parliamentary time on ratifying a treaty which should already be dead in the water!

This hints that the Eurocrats will - contrary to what Milliband says in the 2nd link below - precisely ignore (or circumvent!) the Irish vote by insisting that all the other countries ratified it!

Such double-think is nothing new for the corrupt Masonic Europhiles who insist nothing stands in their way to create a single European Superstate.

Meanwhile on the BBC's Politics Show today I was thrilled to see an old Youth Defence friend being held aloft at the victory celebrations in Dublin. The YD Militants were key in stopping abortion being imported to Ireland in the mid 1990s, in stopping the EU at the first Nice Referendum and now in the Lisbon Referendum victory.

It just shows what a group of dedicated, principled, idealistic militants can achieve for good, despite the pressure of the politicians and the media.

Perhaps Ireland is a different example being distinctly Christian, Patriotic and until quite recently 100% Irish... but it makes you think what might be achieved here if we had dedicated, principled, idealistic militants prepared to fight for nationalist, Christian, pro-family objectives instead of more layers of wannabe politicians quaffing at the trough!

Food for thought.

Mark Mardell on EU's Response

Son of Jewish Bolsheviks Says UK Will Ratify Lisbon

ID Cards, 42 Days Internment: a Neo Con Agenda

Yet more "security files" have been found left lying about in public on the "War on Terror," drugs smuggling etc.

Right: The game is never over for the Neo Cons: they used the "War onn Terror" to launch an illegal war against Iraq. Now they want to curtail our freedoms. None of this will stop 'false flag' operations and outrages designed to further the Neo Cons' objectives at home and abroad.

After all the uproar over so many lost files containing peoples' details, including millions of recipients of child benefit (i.e. every family with at least one child under 16), we have to ask not only is it right for our government to be engaged in such social control, but can we trust them not to lose the details (wholly or partially)?

On top of this we have the idea that once forged, ID cards will give real criminals a carte blanche to commit ever more criminal acts, ever more forgery, ever more identity theft etc. etc.

As I've said before, the whole "War on Terror" is a con.

Whether you consider 911 to be an inside job; whether you consider Al Qaeda to be a CIA creation or a bogey man given false billing; whether you consider Israel and America to be the real terrorists; whether you consider mass coloured immigration to be the mistake and not just importing "Jihadists"; whether you consider 'false flag' operations to be a convenience used to ratchet up yet more social control, civil unrest contingency laws etc. ad nauseum; whether you consider the Neo Con "clash of civilisations" a smokescreen to make billions by Halliburton et al; whether you think Israel and the US Zionist Lobby have created and/or are milking the whole situation for their own nefarious ends... however you look at it, or whatever your angle: the War on terror is a sad, expensive, wasteful joke!

When politicians seek to stop unnecessary police powers (42 Days Internment without charge etc.) they are painted as "soft on terror!"

This is utter hogwash of course!

As David Davis has said, our ancient rights are being sold down the river on the back of all this Neo Con forgery and illegal wars.

Dare I mention the American "Patriot Act" whose very name is designed to quash any opposition to it and its scandalous state powers over the American people.

As I've also said before, if there really was a "War on Terror" we would see a clampdown on the gun gangs, the drug pushers, the muggers and the knife merchants in cities lie London, Manchester, Nottingham etc., many of whom are of a certain racial character which it is possibly illegal to allude to (albeit a fact - but we know in Post-Macpherson days, the Truth is no defence).

If protecting the population is this (or any) government's priority then we should demand action against the various gangs and hoodlums that blight our streets; we should demand a total war on heroin and other drug pushers; we should demand the right of people to be free from social control and ID cards -- if only to free us from the threat of criminals "doppleganging" our identities in a way that banks, shops etc. will consider 'foolproof.'

Left: Donny Rumsfeld says "Ignore FC! My Israeli and Big Business chums know what's best for you!"

At a time when we already see the biggest ever DNA database being held in the UK (including that of children!) and we know that CCTV images are useless in court cases... I personally think (regardless of his individual motives and the wrongs of the Tory party) that David Davis is right.

We are sleep-walking into a police state!

And all the mimicking of Neo Cons about the "War on terror" and parroting threats from "Jihadis," whether the idiots doing it realise it or not, just plays into the hands of those who want us under the thumb of the state.

Our people are suffering from street crime that, in many areas, has a very real racial aspect.

The answer is cracking down on street crime ("racist" though that be) and starting humane, phased, financially assisted resettlement of immigrants families and communities: which many of them want already.

Our people are suffering financially from a "Credit Crunch" which has its roots in Zionist finance (see earlier posts on this blog) in America and which can clearly be blamed on the banking and financial system.

The answer lies in promoting usury-free banking, Social Credit in issuing debt-free money (preferably by the government, but even staring with initiatives like the Lewes Pound - again, see earlier post on this blog).

Our people are suffering theft (personal, home and vehicle) much of which is rooted in drug abuse.

The answer lies in rooting out the (often immigrant) drug gangs and entirely removing criminal drug elements from our communities, using both carrot and stick initiatives.

Very little of the above three major problems (street crime, Credit Crunch and theft/burglary) lie in the so-called War on Terror or "Jihadis" so beloved of the Neo Cons and their Kosherised useful idiots (including, sad to say, the "Most Zionist Political Party" the 'new' BNP).

The issue is that our government - and groups like the Israeli Lobby, Halliburtons and the BNP - want to 'make hay while the sun shines' viz a viz the "War on Terror" and if it were just about making money and taking votes we might find it a little distasteful but understand it (whilst not condoning it).

Yet the fact is that all these groups are giving the green light to illegal wars in which our kinfolk are dying. They are giving the green light to ever greater Social Control and police powers. They are giving the green light to international war crimes by America and Israel.

It is time for us, as a people, to wake up and smell the coffee.

Do we value the few freedoms we have? Do we believe war criminals should be curtailed? Do we believe the real socio-economic problems should be tackled?

Or do we think we should join the brain dead Sun readers and Eastender watchers in cheering on the Neo Con agenda?

For Racial Nationalists there is only one true option! For freedom-lovers there is only one true option! For those who value their identity there is only one true option. Even for those who value "democracy" there is only one true option!

We must oppose the machinations, weasel words, subterfuge and underhand tactics of the Neo Cons and their fellow travelers.

Anyone who tells you otherwise should be seen for what they are! Ersatz Israelis!

More Files Left on Train

Saturday, 14 June 2008

This weeks newspapers:

Some Bloke Won 'The Apprentice'

Someone else Might Win 'Big Brother'

Tory Leader may Eventually Replace Labour leader.

Welcome to brain-dead UK plc.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Last Week's Quote: de la Tour du Pin

"The immediate aim of social politics must be to gather men together in the religious, economic or political order, not only according to their domicile, but also in accordance with their profession; in religion, according to their religious fraternity; in the economy by their corporations*; in politics according to the representation of interests; in other words to develop the corporative* regime with all its principles."

R. de la Tour du Pin,
Vers un Ordre Social Chretien.

*By Corporations we should understand it as Guilds and Workingmen's Associations - not like Corporate Bodies today which tend to be Big Businesses and Global Multi-Nationals. A country in which Guilds/Corporations were important in social, economic and political life were known as Corporative or Corporatist. Most were labeled "Fascist" and were Christian.

Lisbon Treaty: Ireland Says "NO!"

"Hurrah for the Irish" will ring down the ages.

Twice now they have stopped the machinations of the Eurocrats.

They voted NO to the Nice Treaty.

Now, if earlier reports are confirmed, they have voted NO to the Lisbon Treaty.

They have, in essence, stopped the EU Constitution being sneaked in by the back door by the power-hungry ignorant Freemasons.

The Eurocrats in their Lodges tried to ignore the people of France and the Netherlands who voted against the Constitution... but their Machiavellian ways have been scuppered by patriots in Ireland.

All eyes are now watching Brussels to see what the Masonic Overlords try to do next to sneak the Constitution through (ignoring yet another popular vote); because one thing is for sure above anything else, the European Lodge members will not let the Irish people stand in their way.

They are too greedy, arrogant, proud and devious. They didn't let the French or Dutch stand in their way. They won't want to let the Irish snub their plans either.

Now it's down to all Nationalists across Europe to make sure they don't tweak their illegible Treaty and try to force it through yet again.

But in the meantime: WELL DONE TO THE IRISH!

Roberto Fiore MEP: C'est Arrive en Bruxelles

Not since Leon Degrelle visited home in 1944 has the presence of a movement leader in Brussels upset so many lefties, Zionists and pooftahs.

Since the Italian General Election, Roberto Fiore (the bete noir of Gerry Gable's Searchlies) has been a MEP, sitting in the European Parliament for the Italian Nationalist list Social Alternative.

Some trolls on various forums etc. have hinted at his sudden arrival in Brussels with the usual Searchlies smears. The simple fact is that Fiore was No. 2 on the Social Alternative list to Allessandra Mussolini, so when Mussolini chose to stand for a government (ministerial) seat under the Berlusconi list at the recent General Election, she stood down as an MEP on winning, and Fiore took over at Brussels.

Given that Fiore has already sued and won a lot of money from various newspapers (I'd estimate well over £100,000) for the "terrorist" slur the first link (and perhaps the second) below could well prove actionable.

To set the record straight, the Italian courts ruled that Fiore was an innocent victim of the (masonic) bombers of Bologna Train Station, in that he, along with other Italian TP activists, were forced to flee their country to escape arrest, imprisonment, beatings and even possibly death at the hand of the Italian State.

Still, the fact that another nationalist who opposes Zionism, homosexuality, usury etc. etc. can now work inside the belly of the beast to try and thwart the Masons machinations has clearly upset Glyn Ford and his chums.

Wasn't Glyn Ford the chap who got a light bulb changed at one of his homes - costing the taxpayer £40? There's nothing quite so uplifting as the sight of a "socialist" sprawling at the trough.

Meanwhile, back at Brussels, is that Ranting Ron I see getting off the Eurostar wearing a Blitzkrieg shirt and bearing a protective pork pie on a stick?

Gable's effeminate pal Glyn Ford moans
Fiore MEP gets off to a "good start"

Roberto Fiore MEP
Fiore's Home Page

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hang the Zionist George Bush...

...from your rear view mirror!

Yes I just put one of these "dumbass George Bush" monkey-face car fresheners in my car and it sure raises a smile everywhere I go: and what a great conversation starter!

If you go to the FC site now you'll see our range of anti- George Dubya car goodies, including a large magnet you can stick on the back of your car to raise a smile on the motorway or in the commuter traffic jams.

Spread the word and do your bit for world peace: hang george Bush, the Zionist surrender monkey.

Car Goodies from FC

Grab Free Nationalist Pics For Your PC

Go to this page in the FC shop and you can download an FC advert to put on your pc.

You can even print off copies or use it on your web-site or in your newsletter - anything to help spread the message.

Don't be shy. THEY ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Go have a look...

Free FC Adverts

Lisbon Treaty: Irish Europhiles Clutch at Straws

The Young Fine Gael - all with their eyes on the prize of political appointments, crumbs from the table and possible Brussels sinecures no doubt - have made themselves, their party and their EU cause look puerile and just plain silly.

Is it "trendy" to use the imagery of lads mags? In one online poll 80% of recipients said the imagery would make them less likely to vote "Yes" with 20% saying it had no real impact one way or the other. No-one said the posters moved them to vote to give up Irish freedoms and Irish rights to unelected Masonic Eurocrats.

Let's hope that's a pattern the whole of Ireland follows...

Quote from the feedback section in the link below:

"We fought for 800 years for our freedom and we are not going to sign it away with the Lisbon Treaty.

"We are not prepared to give up our constitution to become part of another empire where the rights of the family, children, the unborn and the elderly will be torn to shreds, where our culture and beliefs will be consigned to the dustbin of a new Secular Europe. If you read the treaty you will find that full information is not 'Yet' available on all aspects of the 'PLAN', would you sign a contract where there were areas of incompleteness, more fool you if you did. "


A No Vote Would "Kill" the Lisbon Treaty

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty: It HAS to be No!

Let's hope and pray that the Irish can deliver a resounding NO vote to the Lisbon Treaty and shoot down the plans of the Freemasons and Socialist Bureaucrats... just as they did to the Nice Treaty a few years back.

All the political class and the weight of the Eurocrats was lined up against the Irish people.

Feedback from FC supporters across Ireland is that a great many people were supporting the No Campaign, in both rural and urban areas.

We'll know the result on Friday. Please God the Irish can do it again!

Israeli Ambassador Cries Wolf

Time for the BNP to swing into action against these Anti-Israel "radicals"!

Just think, with justice for the Palestinians and the resettlement of all non-Europeans (neither now high on the BNP agenda after betraying decades of nationalist struggle) we wouldn't have this dilemma.

This report, carefully orchestrated by Mossad's man in London (one of 2000) will be grist to the mill for the Israel-Firsters in the BNP!

"Look how tolerant and modern we are" they'll cry as they back the most backwards, intolerant and murderous State in the world, a state that is not only morally bankrupt but is also, or would be if it weren't for the Billions of US Tax Dollars pumped into it by government after government in Washington DC (aka le Grande Sac de Poubel), financially bankrupt too.

Now let's get some feedback! Who's the first BNPer to use the shrieks of indignation from the Israeli ambassador to stir things up? Will lee Barnes beat Melanie Phillips to it? Or Simon Darby -- will he outshine David Aaronovitch?

How exciting!

P.S. For readers not sure where and what Israel is, we should point out that it is on illegally confiscated Arab land, that it's "capital" isn't recognised, that the indigenous people were expelled and cannot return to their homes whereas any LA, NY or Gateshead Jew can "return" there. To get a glimpse of its culture it recently staged a mass burning of New Testaments as a rabbi told media outlets that to burn the words of Christ was the duty of every Jew. That's the illegal, terrorist, bandit, anti-Christian state that Zionists - Jew and Gentile - support.

Israeli Ambassador Squeals

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Last Week's Poll on the FC Blog Content

You'd Like to See the FC Blog have More:

10 (40%)
12 (48%)
4 (16%)
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7 (28%)
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8 (32%)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Geoffrey Harries: Dead Paedophile

Will the gentleman who stabbed to death the paedophile Geoffrey Harries in Carmarthenshire get a prison sentence - or a medal?

It should be the latter, for carrying the sentence any decent court would hand down.

In a newspaper the other day I read of a paedophile who had 20,000 evil images on his pc and who had assaulted a young girl, who got 30-odd months in jail. After "good behaviour" that scumbag would've been out in a year and a bit.

This is why people are scandalised and why Harries was hounded from his home, only to be killed outside his mother's house where he'd taken refuge.

You get longer for robbing a bank: which shows exactly where the system has its priorities.

Harries was a copper until earlier this year. His erstwhile chief constable is now also at the centre of a paedophile scandal after getting a paedophile case against a judge friend of his dismissed.

And the politicians, coppers and judges wonder why none of us trust a system which treats the most evil of men with kid gloves (pardon the pun).

if true justice was served against these monsters, people wouldn't feel the need to dish out their own form of justice on the streets.

BBC News report

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Government Affords War but not Post Offices

Anyone get the feeling that our government puts money before people?

'Twas ever thus from the time of the Reformation land-grab to the land enclosures to the Highland clearances to the Industrial Revolution to the Great depression and so on ad nauseum.

The latest ruse is the closure of thousands of Post Offices.

A government that can afford to pump billions of pounds into illegal wars that deliver no benefit to us (but give plenty of money, power and influence to Big Business and Israel/Zionist America) can't "afford" to keep small, local Post Offices open!

Anyone get the feeling we're re-living the "Dr Beeching" days of the 1960s (when Britain's railway infrastructure was ripped apart to optimise profitability?).

What's more important? Public service? Community cohesiveness? Or profits?

For this government like all those before it, it's the latter.

As they tell us to "think green" and use local amenities, they take them from us!

Small, local shops, pubs, churches have gone and are going. Now we see thousands more Post Offices forced to shut.

Does anyone else out there think we'll look back in 10 years and think (like the railway branch lines shut and tower blocks erected in the 1960s) and think "what the hell were they thinking."

As the government talks about building new "green" towns on prime farmland, primarily to try and cope with the millions of immigrants coming in (because we, the Anglo-Celtic peoples are killing ourselves via our 1.4 children "families" and over-usage of the abortuaries that litter our lands), it is obvious to many of us that our government's green credentials are as bogus as its alleged socialism.

Left: Post Office workers are forced to strike to defend services.

As more nuclear power stations are planned (with government subsidies and at God knows what cost to the environment and our gene pool) we are left to wonder why a government pumps money into failed multi-national wars, privatised railways, failing banks etc. yet isn't willing to protect one of the very pillars of our communities: the local post office!

Post Office - Heart of the Community

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Skrewdriver and the "Burning Books" Commissars of eBay

A friend told me the other day how he was bidding on the Skrewdriver Album 'All Skrewed Up' on ebay recently only for the LP to be removed for containing/promoting "hatred."

He asked the seller why - and was told that despite her contacting ebay and pointing out that the 1977 LP wasn't racialist (Ian Stuart re-launched Skrewdriver in London in 1980/81 as a pro-NF band) ebay said they have a blanket ban.

Communist material is freely available despite the red atrocities in Russia, Spain, Cambodia, Africa and elsewhere in the 20th Century that left an estimated 100,000 million dead.

But a 1977 non-political skinhead/punk album? Tut tut. The ebay commissars won't allow it.

P.S. They allow material promoting homosexuality too!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Custer Was Right!

Will the Zionist Shabbat-Goy who constantly harp on about the Muslim threat dare to speak up about the role of the Hindus?

Some Jewish Zionist extremists have tried to create links with the Hindus (my enemy's enemy etc.) and one has to wonder if it is that same mentality that has seen the BNP become the "most Zionist" party in the UK.

Will the BNP's Zionism make them unable to defend our interests against the Hindus who want to "take over" (as Lord Archer says in the link below) like the Jews before them...

Indians Are Taking Over Britain

Monday, 2 June 2008

Inflation at 50%?

Is it the Credit Crunch?

One of the little racialists asked Mrs FC today where she'd got something that he'd noticed in the kitchen and (being a chip off the old block) how much it'd cost.

"Oh," she replied "that was only £1.50 from the Pound Shop."

Now that's inflation!

If only the shareholders at Bradford & Bingley knew.

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