Monday, 15 August 2011

An American Take on the Riots and Multi-Culturalism

An American supporter emailed this in, and as she makes a number of pertinent points, from an external viewpoint, i thought it apt to share it with the FC readership:

Hello from South Carolina:

     I've been following the riots in England with a heavy heart because I know that this type of violence is unprecedented in your very civilized country.  What you are experiencing is a national crisis that will repeat itself if many, many things aren't addressed in the UK.

     To begin with, absolutely everything that Dr. David Starkey said was 100% accurate, and the people with common sense in England should suspend their political correctness long enough to comprehend the wisdom of his perceptions.  In the southern states of the US, we have lived with the black race for about 300 years.  We know them well and we know how to get along with many of them.  However, a sizable proportion- albeit a sub-culture "gangsta" group, but a VERY large group nonetheless- is in fact violent, nihilistic, and destructive, just as Dr. Starkey described.  Overall, blacks compose 12% of the population in the US, but commit over 65% of all violent crimes (in the southern US, we have about 30-40% blacks, so our crime statistics are higher).  The number of blacks committing murder is 7-times higher than that of whites in the US.  Just reading about the crimes everyday in the newspaper and seeing the photos of who is committing them is enough to convince every American about which racial group is mostly responsible! (But we can't come right out and say so.  People have been "conditioned" to be "politically correct" and defend the indefensible).

     Of course, there are different classes of blacks, just as there are different classes of whites.  The blacks who can assimilate our culture (our culture is based on European tradition) the best, and who can speak clearly, do the best.  It's that simple.  No one minds the type of black people who conduct themselves in a decent manner, and they do exist (President Obama is an example, but he's half-white and was raised by white grandparents and went to an exclusive white private high school).  As Dr. Starkey observed, the black broadcasters on TV speak clearly in the UK.  There is nothing "racist" about his observations.  He is merely being a Realist.

     It's also true that affluent white kids in the US suburbs (where their parent's moved in "white flight" from the black inner-cities of America) think it's "cool" to copy black rappers.  They mimic them because it IS fashionable right now, although most kids realize how stupid they're being. White kids who drive around with ghetto rap music blasting from their vehicles are called "wiggers."  These same kids, however, usually don't have any close black friends, even though they may play on the same football team.  Ours is still a very segregated society and always will be. 

     In my son's integrated public school, the black kids lag far behind academically and consistently score lower on standardized tests.  Poor performance in school leads to limited educational advancement (and a high drop-out rate), which leads to poor job prospects.  This is essentially why blacks are always at the bottom of the socio-economic heap.  They really need lots of special attention to keep up in school, and this is too expensive a prospect for most school systems.  My son, and most of his friends, are in Honors classes at school and only see blacks in the hallway and lunchroom, so his school is really "segregated," as are churches and social groups in America, for the most part.  There are neighborhoods in every city that white people dare not go into, for fear of being robbed (or worse).  The hostility is always just under the surface.  Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, and Atlanta are four cities with large black populations are all four are extremely dangerous places to live- in certain neighborhoods, that is.  One has to know where to go and not go. Where there are blacks, there's crime, and the outstanding members of the black community (like Bill Cosby, whose son was murdered by another black in Los Angeles when his car broke down) have not been able to do anything about it.  It's really frightening.

     We imported blacks to work on our plantations (we even fought a war over them), but I see no reason why you would allow them to immigrate to your country!  The powers-that-be in the UK probably bought into the "diversity" and "strength in multi-culturalism" myths and now you are seeing what you've done to your society.  England will never be the same, believe me.  Blacks are notorious for setting fires to things after they've committed a crime, and so I knew that the majestic buildings that were burned down, were destroyed by the immigrants from Africa/Jamaica, etc. (For example, a black male at Auburn University murdered a young, beautiful coed for no reason, then set her car on fire in the middle of campus). True Englishmen would have more respect for their country and culture!  What little contributions blacks have made in athletics and music (if you call rap music, "music", which I don't) does not outweigh all their negatives.  They've made absolutely zero contributions to England's literature, architecture, and industry.  Nor have any of their ancestors fought in any of Britain's wars.  They probably moved to England to take advantage of your generous welfare state, if I had to guess.  Now you really have a problem, for blacks are a problem on every continent on which they live... including Africa, where their inhumanity to each other is mind-blowing.

     Once England sees her tourism money dry up because people are afraid to visit, more drastic measures will be taken to stop the black culture from pulling your country down to their level.  My advice is to get extremely tough with them. Better yet, deport the criminals!  Good luck. 


Janie B.


Anonymous said...

Proof once again, if further proof were needed, that blacks ruin everything. As your American correspondent writes, we didn't need to let the blacks into this country but now that we have we've made ourselves one major headache which everyone is afriad of mentioning let alone solving! As no solution is in sight it is likely the blacks will drag this country down to the level of the hell holes they have created in the Turd World.

Anonymous said...

The solution for England and Europe is to stop all non-European immigration and to repatriate the Afro-Asian immigrants back to their ancestral homelands, with financial aid for law abiding immigrants, so they can find good jobs and homes in their own racial lands.

GriffinWatch said...

More than taboo:


Final Conflict said...

Anon @ 2:15 - couldn't have said it better myself.

We could tie-in overseas aid to those resettling and start agricultural colleges, decent Christian schools, schemes for small-holders and family farms and much more besides - to help the normal folks re-settling have what Big Business will never give them: pride, a stake, roots and a work ethic.

Of course the same and more would be done for ouw own folks here, and the inner cities could be gutted and made into green spaces, commuter villages... our imaginations could take form in a new, free, green and law-abiding land!

Anonymous said...


In response to your suggestion regards tying in overseas aid to those resettling etc. NO WAY!

We've tried that course of action once, which was careless, do repeat such stupidity twice is beyond careless.

We ought to have absolutely zilch, nada, nil, nothing to do with the monkeys or else it will be our unborn generations of Whites who will feel the brunt of such stupidity.

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