Tuesday, 9 August 2011

White Youths Fight Back: Eltham and Enfield

#millwall fans protecting #eltham from riots on Twitpic

This pic shows what are alleged to be Millwall fans, joined by Charlton and Crystal Palace supporters if some reports are to be believed, patrolling Eltham.

Sky News just interviewed Whites patrolling Enfield to protect their area from looters too.

The police have betrayed the white communities/enclaves of London, whilst they back-off from black rioters and protect the areas where the politicians and bankers live/work.

Community Action, not petty party point scoring. This is what is needed, and the only thing that can save London.


Rufus said...

I won't hold my breath for the Guardian to publish this. They are too keen trying to make excuses for the Black, sorry, poor and socially excluded, Scum.

Anonymous said...

Mill older heads confronted them on Monday night Bexleyheath way, the black bastards didn't want to know, typical nigger, as with any beast, show them who's boss and they will cower.


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