Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Time for the BNP to Apologise for 10 Years of "Muslim" Mania

There was a time when those embarking on their Neo-Con lite ideological adventure, in the BNP and similar, would condemn David Duke. Not for his many or perceived shortfalls, but for his perceived "Anti-Semitism" (sic).

Now with the killings in Norway he, like those of us who have warned about cosying up to the Israeli Lobby in any way,shape or form (and especially its court journalists), have been proved right, and even the BNP is trying to distance itself from the Zionists.

But like a fat bloke with bits of pie in his beard, the BNP have been seen (to mix metaphors) quaffing at the poisoned chalice proffered by the Zionists, and it's too late now to shriek with horror, hold their hands up and pretend to the world that they "knew the score."

Remember their London mayoral leaflet asking Jews to vote for them because they were the only force opposed to Islamo-fascism? remember all the articles, blogs, chat rooms, forums etc. in which BNP activists went on and on and on (and on!) about Islam? The Zionists nary got a look in, except of course for when those same BNP activists were linking through to the Zionists own sites, pages and blogs decrying the takeover of the world by... Islam.

What a cosy little circle it was. And you got the feeling that as long as the BNP went down this quasi-Zionist, civic patriot (hug a coloured), "it's space not race" alleyway, they would get an easy ride from the media.

Now of course, like some kind of spoof Private Eye column apologising for what was last week's certainty but is this week's apocalyptic omen, the BNP is out and about (to us lot, not to the public, of course) decrying Zionism and the nuttiness of those who screech long and loud against those opposed to Israel.

The Norway killings got them freaked, because the way the BNP was going on and on and on (and on!) about Muslims this and Muslims that (whilst Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and other exotically-owned banks took us to the brink of disaster, not to mention got millions thrown on the dole), it was not inconceivable that one of the young and impressionable sort that pays his pocket money into the Trafalgar Club so the Chairman can get cocktails on his hols, would do something stupid and attack said enemies of the "the West" or those who support them.

Our labour party is detestable. It is led by rich exotic types (Mandelson, Milliband, Straw) and would never dare to criticise Israel, but the Norwegian Labour Party (which is in power) is very outspoken in its opposition to Israeli terror and moreover in support of a Palestinian homeland.

As we saw in an earlier post, to Zionist nutters this is all but a declaration of war, and even after the dreadful murders they have been saying 'they deserved it because...' whilst seeking to justify mass murder because those killed did not bow and scrape to Israel.

What warped, twisted, evil people these are. And these are the kind of "anti-Jihadists" Zionist activists that groups like the BNP and EDL have been playing footsie with, promoting their sites on the net and using their twisted logic to push criticism away from the Masonic-Zionist run/controlled banks, media, government and police -- the forces that are REALLY screwing us, our people, our communities, our lands - our children.

It is time for groups like the BNP to stop bandying words. Come out in outright opposition to Organised Zionism. Quit the blaming Muslims for everything. Islam (and coloured immigration) is a small symptom of the malaise (and Muslim terror is a direct result/end of CIA/Mossad terror groups/provocateurs).

Stand up and defend your land! The banks,. media, politicians and police have been found to be corrupt, self-serving, bankrupt (in every sense) and in it for themselves.

The Muslims have nothing to do with the mess we are in. drop the stupid policies that focus on them. It is a Neo-Con sideshow and a waste of everyone's time. Apologise to Nationalists for wasting their time, money and efforts.

Post "911" (Dear Lord I hate that term!) you have wasted 10 years chasing Neo Con phantoms down blind alleyways, and now you have even frittered away the crumbs that fell off the establishment's table.

The Zionists are the enemies of civilisation. End of. They run the system that betrayed our people. They control the banks that bleed our people dry. They bribe/threaten the politicians. They own the media. They run the police through the Lodges.

Time to face the facts. OK, you won't get an easy ride, but you'll have your honour intact, and who knows - with the commotion going on in the world (e.g., America nearly defaulting) it could be White Christian patriots who are "radicalised" into realising what is what and who is who.

Please... even when Mossad do their next false flag op to garner support for their terrorist state, drop the mantra that blames Muslims for all our ills. It is wrong, childish and potentially dangerous.

Let us be honest and gain kudos for that. In the light of the terror attacks in Norway, we owe it to our own people to explain why it happened, who is responsible and why Nationalism is OPPOSED 100% to that nefarious, war-mongering usurious creed.


As a P.S. might we also mention the pro-homosexual nature of the Zionists? The Norwegian murderer condemned Nationalist groups for (like Muslims) opposing homosexuality. The Zionist cause is ultimately pro-homosexual because it hates our civilisation, our Christian heritage and there is none more anti-Christian and anti-family than the homosexual militant mob and the degenerates they stir up.

For years now (again for an easy ride) too many nationalists have tried to take a "middle of the road" stance. No good. We must be open and oppose homosexuality - for the harm it does the homosexuals themselves, for the damage it does to their health, for the damage it does to communities in destroying the family, for the damage it does nations in attacking Christianity and promoting drugs, filth and smut, and for the damage it does in bringing down the birthrate of European nations.

Nationalists should be unashamed in opposing - with sound reason and genuine charity not least for the victims of the homosexual death-cult - homosexuality and the rabid militants who promote it with all their twisted statistics, pushing filth at schoolchildren and council funding for all manner of sick activities (all of which, well documented by groups such as the Christian Institute, make the News of the World imbroglio look like a picnic in the park).


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