Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Right: More Occult B.S. Trying to Infiltrate Nationalism

The New Right claims to be a nationalist alternative.

As we see here it is organised by the "usual suspects".

Its secretary runs an OCCULT journal, full of the usual psycho-babble, navel gazing and dubious satanist-lite ("Luciferian" no doubt) dribblings of the typical sorts. Included is our old friend Kerry Bolton from New Zealand.

A Gnostic and Aeonic Mini-Grimoire of the Black Sun sounds positively delightful bedtime reading!

For those of you with a decent sense of history, gnosticism is a very old heresy bordering on satanism which was wound up with Kabbalah and Masonic ideals.

We remember, of course, the kind of warped Jewish thinking of Anton le Vey who set up the Church of Satan, and all the twisted weirdies who tried to get Occultism into Nationalist circles. For more background reading, see  Satanism and its Allies - the Nationalist Movement Under Attack

Making a Hard Left: Sinister Metanoia? Just the sort of thing Nationalism needs! Not.

If some Nationalists think the "Zionist" spin put out by the BNP in recent years (latterly displaced by the EDL) is a state tactic to undermine genuine Nationalism, what are we to make of those who try to paint Nationalism into an Occultist corner to be laughed at by patriotic sympathisers?

Satanism and its Allies undermined their endeavours back in the early 90s. Let us hope decent Nationalists (whichever version of patriotism they adhere to) aren't taken in by a clique with such weird chums.


Dr. Gareth Pengwerin said...

Before trenching on Metaphysics and subject matter that in reality has its roots in Tantric philosophy and without having read the various exposes on charlatans such as Anton Zandor LaVey (note the correct spelling), perhaps you should employ a proven intellectual researcher before committing yourselves to print.

I normally enjoy the emails from Final Conflict but this morning's "huff and puff" is a decided 'howler'!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to discover that Kerry Bolton is a staunch monarchist. Is there some connection?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - cos Occult studies really benefits nationalism doesn't it?

A Levy can become a La Vey, changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

re Dr Madeupname,

should we nationalist employ an expert in the make-up of canine faeces before complaining about dog turds in the street?

Anonymous said...

Since when is it a howler to have a go at tossers who want to send nationalism down a blind alleyway (and one littered with faggots and jews at that),

Anonymous said...

This so-called 'Helios: Journal of Metaphysical & Occult Studies' is being pushed hard in New Right and Occult circles. Troy Southgate, Organising Secretary of the New Right has also recently published 'Aleister Crowley: Thoughts and Perspectives' on his new Black Front Press imprint,about the infamous Black Magician no less! Kerry Bolton's essay in the Helios Journal is entitled 'Gothic Nazi: Fascist Manifestations in Gothic Subculture' and glorifies so-called 'Fascist Satanist Musicians' such as Boyd Rice, Michael Moynihan, Nikolas Schreck, etc. Bolton also has an essay included in Southgate's Crowley book, attempting to glorify Crowley as an alleged 'Fascist', 'Racialist' and 'Anti-Semite'. Southgate's Crowley book was favourably reviewed by Lashtal - The Aleister Crowley Society!
I recommend 'Satanism and its Allies: The Nationalist Movement Under Attack' published by Final Conflict which exposes the Occult infiltration of Nationalism.

Final Conflict said...

Kerry Bolton wrote to us some time back claiming to have converted to Christianity. These people seem to swop ideologies every few years in order to be "cutting edge", only to have the consistency of jelly.

Anonymous said...

Occultists are just another group that make the general population think that nationalists are weirdos.

Any who espouse La Vey, Crowley et al ought to be strung up from the nearest lamp post.

I nor 99.9999999999999% of people want nothing to do with such freaks.

Twinkle Toes said...

usual up their own arse pseudo-intellectual blathering from the freaks.

these idiots will drag nationalism down should the media ever pick up on this nonsense -- and we will all be tarred by the same brush.

Dr Trigger Thunderbird said...

The occultists are pathetic individuals and should be given the cold shoulder by all decent nationalists. I won't attend another New right meeting - whoever the guest speaker - until the occult crap and organiser are given the heave-ho.

CATHOLIC! said...

The New Right ideology has been occultist and esoteric from day one, you shouldn't want to associate with them anyway Thunderbird. If all of the current undesirables cleared off, there wouldn't be much of a group left would there?

Whatever happened to decent Christian Nationalism? At least it still exists in France, Italy and Spain. Judeo-occultists seem to have got their fingers in everywhere else though.

Anonymous said...

There are good Nationalists who support the Traditionalist Catholic Society of Saint Pius X - District of Great Britain. Their magazine 'Mater Dei' has included some interesting articles attacking Masonry, Occultism, Marxism and supporting Nationalists such as Salazar of Portugal, Dollfuss of Austria and more recently Roberto Fiore of the Italian Forza Nuova (FN). I have had the pleasure of attending a meeting addressed by the revisionist SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson.
There has been a split in the New Right, with a faction led by 'Jez' (an Anglican) forming the IONA group.

Final Conflict said...

This is very encouraging. We would ask people to support the non-Occultist IONA, if that is the case, regardless of ideological nuances.

Sesame said...

Is this JEZ blowing his own trumpet at7;54 AM? How does Anonymous know that "Jez" is an Anglican?

Anonymous said...

Dr Whatever,

Anton SZANDOR LaVey. Note the correct spelling.

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