Monday, 15 August 2011

More Than Taboo: Emotional Blackmail Used to Justify Dubious Wars

Those promoting the pro-Israel, quasi-Neo Con line or "it's all the Muslims" lines in Nationalism must be ostracised.

One doesn't haven't to appreciate all this bloke's lines to see there is something wrong. In fact it is a shame he overlooks the fact that even religiously, given the Incarnation of Jesus Christ (after all, we are supposed to be a Christian country), the "right" of Jews to Palestine is negated: The New Covenant is between Christ and His Church, not the Jews who rejected Christ; and especially not those who converted to Judaism hundreds of years after Christ died.

Food for thought...

BTW - why aren't we, in the school system, ever told of the numbers of millions of Christian Russians, Ukrainians, Balts etc, who were killed in the gulags or via forced starvation by the Communists? is it because they were European Christians? Is it because Communists are still involved in politics and education? Is it because the Communist regime was run by a certain Jewish faction (as detailed by Churchill- hardly a "nazi")?

There does seem an inverse racism at play.

Millions were killed in Rwanda in a terrible tribal conflict, yet we still "worry" about one group in a conflict 60 years ago in which so many peoples suffered (not least the Germans and Russians). What do you think Africans make of that?


Anonymous said...

so where do these 'aid agencies' find the millions upon millions of money to pay for their ad campaign, oy vey!

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