Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How the Media Works: "No You Did Not See Blacks Rioting" - Kay Burley on Sky News

Watch this video. Approx 3:25 into it a shop owner says he saw blacks rioting...

Kay Burley steps in. She was not there, but she tells the articulate young man what he actually saw.

Zoiks! Welcome to white guilt land.

Also look out for Ms Burley equate herself with working mums on council estates... ;-) Come on Kay - tell us the name of your au pair/nanny. Tell us what your annual income is!

The sisterhood act is a bit implausible when played out by those who live in their white enclaves, in their million pound homes, whose idea of multi-culti is employing a Filipino au pair and choosing which restaurant to go to.

In closing, Ms Burley did not suffer brick bats and Twitteratti abuse for telling this young man what he actually saw and re-writing the story. I bet David Starkey is so very happy the media is even handed!


Anonymous said...

Almost as lame as this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FUdbRO4ZCo

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