Monday, 1 August 2011

Zionists Blame Anti-Zionist Utoya Labour Youth for their own Deaths! Pet Media Keep Quiet

A Conspiracy by the Zionists!!! Norway = Nazis
The Zionists/Neo Cons are now blaming the Norwegian Labour Party youth for their own deaths!

Yes, just like the Palestinians are to blame for having their land stolen, for having their wells poisoned, for being cut off from their water supplies, for being killed by the thousand...

They are now saying that the Norwegian Labour Party youth decided to support the Palestinians (or "Hamas terrorists" in their lingo) so they (basically!) got what they deserved.

Don't believe me? Go see for yourself: Evil Zionism...

Oh the evil! They flew Palestinian flags even. Death to them!

Can you believe it? The Zionists even say the old Swastika is now the new Norway flag. And to them because the anti-Zionist Labour Party is in power in Norway and already said it would recognise the Palestinian State, they become a "legitimate target" for another false flag operation which (like Bologna, Carpentras etc.) can be blamed on "right wing extremists."

So what does "our" mass media make of this? Jewish and Zionist extremists gloating over the deaths of innocents? Is it on the front pages? or even the inside pages?Any columnists brave enough?

Erm... no.

Controlled media? Conspiracy? You bet!

And this, dear reader, is why the BNP, EDL, and all the other civic patriot (read: blacks are british -- all lower case, we don't want to frighten anyone) groups were playing a dangerous game when they started making Israel-friendly noises, when they started grubbing for Jewish votes, and cultivating a certain breed of media columnists.

You get friendly with Israel and you get your fingers burnt! Look at America - endless wars, in debt up to the gills, state secrets stolen by Zionist spy-rings, the USS Liberty incident (look it up!), and Israel probably even has a section of its illegally held nukes in the Negev Dessert pointing at its ally!

Israel is a terrorist state. It will strike out at its enemies, and its friends - by fair means or foul. It will use terror, subterfuge, blackmail, corruption - you name it. The Norwegians are just the latest in a long line of victims of Zionist terror for daring to oppose Israeli terrorism.

If we really want to show solidarity with the Norwegians (as the mass media suggests we should) then we should oppose Israel and the Zionist agenda with every fibre of our being.

Yet our Zionist-led media is already twisting events, so we are lied to and half-truths are spun, so that to show solidarity we're all supposed to hug an immigrant, and celebrate the (Zionist imposed) race laws which enforce "equality."

Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees!


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