Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Response to the Riots: Time for Plain Speaking, not Platitudes

The likes of David Starkey and Peter Hitchens are, pretty much, hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the recent riots.

What's interesting is that the violence started with the death of a reputed gangsta. He had an illegal gun. His uncle was a drug and gun terrorist from Manchester (source) who was linked in with violent communist groups, involved in the supply of hard drugs in Manchester and the death of gangland opponents (i.e. drug supply rivals).

Right: The gangstas and ASBOs have free-rein, whilst the police crackdown on genuine protest. Meanwhile the law-abiding majority are made to feel like criminals as CCTV watches our every move and our ancient rights are curtailed. Question immigration or homosexuality and you might get that dawn knock on the door from the Stasi who fail to investigate most home robberies.

BBC Radio 4's morning news programme 'Today' showed that the Socialist Workers Party was in Tottenham stirring up the black rioters via a demo with a loud-hailer. So again we have a Communist link which most of the media, the police and the "experts" have ignored.

This coming together of the gangsta culture and the Communists seems to breed a sort of violence in which everything is up for grabs, with gangstas joined by whiggers, in turn joined by anyone who wants a free-for-all: the kind of ne'erdowells of all kinds who feel the world owes them a living (regularly seen on SWP demos moaning about the Tories whilst living a comfortable life).

The liberals that infest the BBC like the offspring of 1968 that they invariably are (like their counterparts in politics) decry anyone who points at anything like the truth. They have covered up the gangsta culture for years, the endemic crime on council estates where people live in fear, the iron grills that cover windows in London, even in posh areas, for fear of the "feral rats" who see anyone else's property as their own, by right.

This has nothing to do with Social Justice. If it were, people would be organised to that end, fighting for Distributism, seeking to be a part of society, holding up our traditional culture, beliefs and ideals as a beacon for all who want to take part and improve.

Of course this is where David Starkey is right. The gangsta culture is totally alien. It is un-European. It seeks to smash all things that stand in their way to rule the streets with fear and carve up cities for their drugs supply and obscene profits. This people grasp huge profits from drugs crime with both hands rather than work. They gun down anyone who dare stands up to them and will organise a riot if one of their drug overlords is taken out by the police.

Unlike those who seek genuine Social Justice, these people hate England, Europe, Christianity and all forms of decency. Their snarled nihilism is therefore so easily egged on by the kind of "anti-fascists" as organised the Manchester gangs or who egged on the Tottenham gangs. White or black, Asian or Jewish, rich or poor (but invariably well-off), these kind of Communist miscreants see the gangstas as the perfect army for their beliefs.

For years the streets of London and Manchester have been ruled by the gun & drugs crimes and the police have been ineffective. As ineffective as they were when the riots began, because they either (as is usual) go softly, softly and let the gangstas rule the roost (the head anti-fascist gangsta in Manchester boasted on TV, to Donal McIntyre, that they had more guns than the police) or they (very rarely) clamp down hard and then the gangstas and reds move in to stir up "da community" and the bricks and petrol bombs fly.

How can law and order exist in these circumstances? Answer: it can't. It hasn't.

The first job of any government is to keep its own people safe, and yet from the very advent of the failed multi-culti experiment the streets of our cities have not been safe. Remember the NF march in Lewisham in 1977? They had a banner showing a coloured man mugging an English old lady accompanied with the statistics that proved this happened in the vast majority of cases. And yet the police ordered the NF to obscure/redact the profile of the mugger, in an early example of political correctness. As the anti-mugging march progressed it came under a vicious attack from the early gangstas - who had been whipped up and organised by the usual Communist groups.

So as you can see, little has changed.

The state has orchestrated a situation where the streets are not safe. The police on the street must loathe this because they have been emasculated, yet the top cops love it because it has enabled them to grab more and more police state powers, invariably used against "soft targets" such as the English people who sought to defend their communities in Enfield and Eltham. Whilst knife and sword wielding Asians in Dalston and Southall were lauded as heroes by the media and left alone by the police, the Whites were decried as extremists and treated to heavy-handed tactics by the police. Funnily enough the same police refuse to use such tactics in places such as Tottenham and Hackney.

As I said, the first job of the government is to keep the people safe.

They use this as an excuse to start meaningless, unwanted and unneeded foreign wars that are expensive, kill many (our soldiers and foreigners) and simply result in making us an international swear-word.

Yet whilst espousing the safety of the "British people" in starting legally questionable wars, they leave those of us actually on those streets (i.e. not in their rich enclaves and protected by gun-carrying police -- remember ex-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith getting police protection to buy a kebab in London in the afternoon?) at the whims of the gangstas. The little old ladies on estates cower in their homes whilst the "feral rats" run the streets, damage cars, attack passers-by and so on ad nauseum.

The little old lady might phone the police and they may turn up 40 minutes later. Even if the "feral rats" are still there they will be pretty powerless to act. In the rare event of arresting one of them, he will be bailed and back out to make the little old ladies' life a misery (the reason why so many people don't report the "low level" Asbo-style crimes on estates and politicians celebrate that "crime is down" - what idiots!).

If the "feral rats" attack someones car and rob someones house, the population need only wait for the police to show up, some hours later, to give the victim a crime reference number for insurance purposes. Rest assured the crime will rarely be investigated as the police rush off to deal with another crime that happened 4 hours ago.

The system is broken. The criminal justice system is a joke. The police are powerless to act or seen as a joke. The politicians have created a multi-culti nightmare in which the gangstas hold sway. Traditional values such as marriage, Christianity, patriotism and so on are sneered at by the types who run the BBC, which trickles down via the Communist groups and finds resonance in the gangstas (who nlisten to the rap produced by the big labels and pumped out on the BBC).

Peter Hitchens today (source) makes some salient points on this and related matters:

Take our Prime Minister, who is once again defrauding far too many people. He uses his expensive voice, his expensive clothes, his well-learned tone of public-school command, to give the impression of being an effective and decisive  person. But it is all false. He has  no real idea of what to do. He  thinks the actual solutions to the problem are ‘fascist’. Deep down,  he still wants to ‘understand’ the hoodies.
Say to him that naughty children should be smacked at home and caned in school, that the police (and responsible adults) should be free to wallop louts and vandals caught in the act, that the police should return to preventive foot patrols, that prisons should be austere places of hard work, plain food and discipline without TV sets or semi-licit drugs, and that wrongdoers should be sent to them when they first take to crime, not when they are already habitual crooks, and he will throw up his well-tailored arms in horror at your barbarity.
Say to him that divorce should be made very difficult and that the state should be energetically in favour of stable, married families with fathers (and cease forthwith to subsidise families without fathers) and he will smirk patronisingly and regard you as a pitiable lunatic.
Say to him that mass immigration should be stopped and reversed, and that those who refuse any of the huge number of jobs which are then available should be denied benefits of any kind, and he will gibber in shock.

Most people, outside the miasma of the liberal-left and the banking-right, understand this as a fact of life. Undermining marriage, Christianity, abhorrence of drugs, and our white, English communities has resulted in a mess which only those with enough money can escape (how fitting that most politicians had fled abroad when the riots kicked off).

The politicians cannot stop this, because to do so will be to admit that their ideals of the last 50 or so years have been totally wrong. They instead snort coke, fiddle expenses, and cherish their gilt-edged pensions (the kind police, teachers and nurses will no longer get!) whilst  they continue to betray us for their own political ends.

Some will call for more "help" for the multi-culti areas, some will call for water cannons, plastic bullets and more CCTV. Both will fail:

  • Help for multi-culti areas will mean poor white areas will be ignored again (something they should be used to!), will mean more pc agendas sucking up the money to confirm the chip-on-shoulder views of the gangstas, more organised crime moving in to cream off the grants. Sure some "projects" may be built, only to be burnt down the next time a gun-tottin' gangsta is shot.
  • More police state powers will mean the criminality, broken home, multi culti nightmare carries on, but the police will become more loathed by the gangsta generation, so when violence breaks out it will be more extreme (the police know the gangstas have guns). Meanwhile white communities will face the full force of police state powers for the most minor infringement. CCTV meanwhile will prove useless and merely mean more state control of the law-abiding majority.
We need, as a society, to break free from the stranglehold of the pc brigade, the kind of organised haters who scream abuse when someone like David Starkey dares to get anywhere near the truth. Robert Peston, the chum of the Murdoch-circle who spins his output (see recent Private Eye mags) is a clear example. Despite working for the BBC, Peston poured his bile on Starkey, and said he should be "ignored." Many other rent-a-gobs (e.g. Piers "Morgan" Moron) dived in to pour their abuse on Starkey.

That's right Mr. Media. Run off to your 98% white enclave. Mix with your elite chums - those who loot society every day via their offshore accounting, those who mug society every day via foisting their multi-cult opinions as "the norm". Those who twist the news, spinning against anyone who dares to speak the truth or offer a genuine alternative to the mess we see around us. You know nothing of the white old lady trapped on an estate surrounded by gangsta criminals!

Despite the wishes of the media elite, we should be free to openly discuss:
  • The failure of immigration and multi-culti/multi-racism.
  • The failure of widespread divorce, single mothers and failing families.
  • The failure of drugs policy and the harm that both soft and hard drugs do.
  • The role of Communist ("anti fascist") groups in promoting violence.
  • The need to promote traditional values - of Faith, Family, Nation.
  • The need to think seriously about resettling offspring of immigrants.
  • The need to make schools places of learning (using carrot and stick).

This society is failing (has failed?). Police watch as people's homes and businesses are burnt. Gangstas think they rule the streets. Vast areas are no longer English in any meaningful way. The family is all but destroyed in some areas. Too many think drugs are fine and dandy. Too many think the world owes them a living.

In reality only Faith, Family, Nation can save England. Unfortunately too many vested interests cannot allow that to happen and so the downward spiral, in one form or another, will continue.

Meanwhile we can all watch in horror as the Euro and Dollar plunge from crisis to crisis and take the majority of hard-working, tax-paying, mortgage-endebted people of England into another abyss.

England, 2011. It's like the old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."

P.S. In today's Mail on Sunday there is a report on a memorial in East London to victims of the Blitz, in the shape of a Dove of Peace which has been attacked and written on by locals from the "ethnically diverse" area "which some think may be racially motivated." Ah! Yet another example of the way immigration has made an area of London as English as a chapati. The Police say they "did receive reports" of the "antisocial behaviour" but - and this may surprise you dear reader - no-one has been arrested despite names and "Asian gang tags" being put on the monument. Instead a fence has gone up (welcome to gulag London) which the gangs tried to cut through with bolt cutters. Such is the proud tradition of tolerance in multi-culti London. Welcome to your future people of Dorset, Shropshire and Cumbria! You can run but you can't hide...


Anonymous said...

The East London Memorial should have 24 hour security guards and CCTV cameras installed, to protect it from Asian criminal gangs.

The All London Anarchist Revolutionary Movement (ALARM),and Ian Bone of the Class War Anarchist group, are supporting the rioters on their websites and blogs. They should be targeted by the police, not the White vigilantes of Enfield and Eltham.

Anonymous said...

Good post FC, bet that took a while typing!

The marxist agitators are putting it about that it is also part of the fight against coalition cuts, what they don't want anyone to raise is the point that the youth are Blairs babies and a product of the Left's handiwork.

There has been collusion between the cops and the looters, they have let the looters have free reign so long as they didn't appear to threaten the areas where the politicians/bankers reside, this also worked to make the cops appear as if they are short staffed.


Anonymous said...

The police only acted once they and the State realised that the proles were beginning to take back the responsibility which they had absolved on the State for their protection and to meet out justice, obviously to maintain the Police State this would not do and 'vigilantes' had to be clamped down on, funny how the 'rioting' fizzled out once attention had been drawn on these elements was it not?

Thought it amusing how the media were trying to push the 'anarchist agitator' line, anarchists ain't worth a w**k, anyone doubting this should take a gander at Ian Bone's blog (lost an eye fighting the NF apparently!)

Anonymous said...

A lot of this stems from education.

The dumb ass nigger doesn't realise that their marxist masters don't want their shocktroop to be able to read and write, and neither do they want White children to either (63% of White lads are at the age of 14 have a reading age of 7 or less.

Just as the marxist Unions pretend to encourge the educational opportunities for their subs paying workers but only insofar as reading and writing classes as they also do not want an educated and aspiring 'worker' they would also lose their subs!

Educate! Organise! Agitate!

Anonymous said...

Before the war, the BUF membership was ten times the membership of the myriad marxist organisations, this truth was twisted (as it is currently) because the literate/academic class who gathered statistics and in collusion with their media cohorts gave the impression that Communism was a mass movement.

The BUF being a movement of the youth also lost out in elections because it was only the houseowner who had the right to vote regardless of the numbers of householders.

Another truth is that Communists are from the upper middle class upwards but not quite the 'ruling class', they also do not support the campaigns they push ie. homosexuality, abortion, racial miscegnation, mass immigration etc. they merely make use of such socially devisive issues to break civilised society, it is no coincidence that they (for the proles of course!) despise Faith, Family & Nation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting you point to Robert Peston, this c^^t knows as much about economics as anyone who reads the Mirror money page! Also no conflict of interest in the fact that his father is a Labour MP so no doubt Peston junior is up on the marxist economic 'theory.'

Piers Morgan, this anti-British marxist, does no one remember that it was this piece of filth who plastered the doctored photos of Iraqi detainees all over the front page of his marxist rag Mirror?

Anonymous said...

The State ALWAYS go for the soft option, in this case, they will bully and harrass the majority law abiding moral majority, perhaps it was time the law abiding moral majority took the initiative and brought the treacherous scum who are actively working towards the decline of civilisation by their indulgence of the scum to account.

Final Conflict said...

Thanks for the input (from everyone). Times are hard and terrible things are happening, but please try and keep things civil.

Anonymous said...

Do not be fooled by jews or perverts

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