Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots in London - Time to Discuss Repatriation

There have been more riots today in many more predominantly white areas (not).

The government goes on about keeping our people safe when it embarks on useless Neo Con wars, yet it has proved it does not give a fig for local people, their property, homes and businesses as it leaves rioting filth to smash and burn huge areas of London.

"It's OK, we have CCTV we'll catch them later," say the police chiefs. Oh great. Let them into Downing Street then, let them burn that down if it's OK to 'catch them later'. What twaddle. Laws are being broken in broad daylight in front of tooled-up coppers and the animals are allowed to carry on as they see fit.

I can't help being a little glad, though sorry for the people burned out, because the endemic lawlessness of gun/knife/drugs gangs that the politicians sweep under the carpet is now open for everyone to see. And no, Neo Con BNPers, it ain't the "muzzies."

This is coloured immigration at fault. Third and fourth generation Afro-Caribbeans are being joined by the 57-Variety of ethnicities (inc a tiny smattering of degenerate whites) to bring disorder out into the open.

Multi-culti mass immigration has failed and now its time for the politicians to (to use street slang) "fess up" as lawlessness spreads across London and into other conurbations.

Oh the excuses will flow. Some MPs and "community leaders" are already on about 'the cuts' or the lack of jobs. But do they think life is easy in Glasgow, Merthyr Tydfil or Newcastle? Do they think jobs are plentiful, money is pouring in and homes are readily available in those areas? Yet they don't riot. They don't rob shops for trainers and mobiles. Why?

Ali G - "Is it cos I is black?"

Multi-culti has failed. The elephant in the room for decades has been gun crime in inner city London. We are on the road to the indigenous become the minority in London and England. Is this the future they face? Living behind bars? Fearing mugging and being shot in the 'good times'? Then facing riots and fires when it gets really bad?

Immigration has not "enriched" us, it has been one long bloody disaster. Money has been poured into it to try and make it work, but it has destroyed indigenous communities where people knew each other, crime was minimal, guns and drugs were pretty much unheard of, people left their doors open etc. etc.

It sounds like a cliché I know - but it's a truism.

Mostly white areas aren't perfect, human nature being human nature, and no place is ever going to be a utopia. But when people in Shropshire, Durham, Lothian, Devon, Dyfed, Northumberland, and other regions look at London they know that something is very, very wrong.

Immigration has failed. We can judge it by its fruits.

For the future of our grandchildren, for the future of areas as yet unaffected, and for the future of decent Londoners - we need to think the previously unthinkable for many, and decide just how and when we are going to remedy a generation of immigrant offspring that obeys no laws, respects no authority and will harm or kill anyone that stands in their way.

Let us be brave enough to discuss the R word.

Repatriation. Surely now, the time has come.

It can be humane. It can be phased. It can be financially assisted. It can be associated with overseas aid grants.

The liberal experiment has failed. The bosses may have got some cheap labour. The upper classes may have got cheap au pairs. But we, the working class indigenous people of these isles have been betrayed and seen the communities we grew up in wrecked beyond recognition.

Using savings in housing benefit, unemployment and other social costs we could fund a huge, ongoing campaign of resettlement that will give coloured families an escape from "institutional racism" that they seem to think is everywhere, and financial aid will mean they can buy homes, set up businesses etc. in their ancestral homelands.

Phased, humane, financially assisted resettlement of Afro-Caribbeans, together with a block on further immigration from outside Europe and help for Asians and others who want to "go home" would bring the harmony so longed after by Englishmen and women in London and elsewhere.

Repatriation really is an idea whose time has come.

  • It's not about hate, it's about survival. 
  • It's not about revenge, it's about harmony.
  • It's not about harming some, it's about helping all.
  • It's not about racism, it's about facing reality.

The chaos in London cannot be allowed to get worse, and no Mr. Politician, we do not want to live under a Police State either. Just find humane solutions that end immigration and the failed multi-cult experiment, and let the English and other indigenous peoples of these isles live in peace once again.

That is supposed to be your number one concern. At the moment it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.


Anonymous said...

Well said FC, never a truer word. As Orwell once said, 'In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act'. Unfortunately in these deceitful times the 'r' word does not pass the lips of our mealy-mouthed politicians. Instead of carrying out the bleeding obvious and sending 'em back, politicians will no doubt extend more concessions to Turd Worlders in the vain hope of appeasement!

Anonymous said...

Well said!
(T&A Ireland)

Pigeon said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that these riots have been orchestrated, to keep people's (and the media's) attention directed away from the coming Economic meltdown.

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