Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Why is Nick Griffin Lying over London Riots?

BNP in Enfield in July: Civic Nationalism
Just as with the Norway shootings, Nick Griffin is covering up his Neo Con lies re. the London riots in tweets he wrote:

We also now see exposed the weakness of the civic nationalism of the EDL & the 'immigration is only a . . .
. . . question of space and eastern European workers line of Ukip. To both groups, black immigration . . .
. . . is great. Tell that to all the Londoners living in fear or exile.

Those of us who have followed the ideological backflips of the BNP will recognise these things as hallmarks of the BNP itself.

In recent years the BNP said:

  • It was 'space not race'
  • Britain is full up (i.e. its OK now, but no more).
  • Black Britons could be patriots.
  • Muslims were the problem, not blacks.
  • Poles were a greater threat to us than the coloureds already here.

And so on. They took a specifically "civic nationalist" (i.e. non-racial) and Neo Con stance on these matters as so many posts on this blog going back years will testify. We reported with horror how the BNP was targeting fellow Europeans (often the only white faces on the local bus!) whilst cuddling coloureds (even the other week NG could be seen gathering signatures against the EU in Enfield from coloureds and similar). And, of course, all we ever got apart from the 'Poles issue' (to try and out perform UKIP) was the mantra "Muslims, Muslims, Muslims."
Nick Griffin in Enfield in July - more "space not race" eh?

Even when these riots started, NG gloated that this was nothing - just wait till the Muslims start. He finds those Neo Con tendencies so hard to give up -- it is no consolation to our people living in fear that 'the Muslims might be worse' -- whether in fact that is true, or not!

In a typical backflip he now pretends that he has been a racial nationalist all these years (just as after Norway he pretended he was against Zionist extremism).

Please Mr Griffin do not lie to us any more. We have years of this spin and BS. We cannot trust you, because we do not know who you are or what you believe (or will say tomorrow!)

Interestingly, the BNP appealed for donations last night using the riots as an excuse! Seems like no event is too much for them to try and get money in to pay their debts! They should instead give their inflated MEP wages to help White victims of these race riots, instead of trying to fill their own coffers.

I also came to know him as somebody who was potentially very changeable, who could flit seamlessly from believing in one idea to another.
Ex-NF activist Phil Andrews

Update: later on twitter Nick Griffin congratulated Turkish people for defending their properties. So that's Nick Griffin congratulating MUSLIMS for standing up to his BLACK BRITONS. What chutzpah!


Final Conflict said...

His Tweets late tonight are how great the Sikhs are and how he has a Sikh friend in derby. Aaaawwwww. Cute n cuddly BNP.

Anonymous said...

Maybe even the most stupid of the stupid will realise that there is absolutely no threat from any so-called 'al-qaeda' just a few ignorant stooge for the khazar.

If ever there were a 'muslim terror threat' then what we have seen over this past few days is that they would have free reign because the State can't even contain a handful of niggers and wiggers, but then that is the point isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Someone send Cap'n Nick a pair of flip flops

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