Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mark Duggan - the Police Shooting Cause of Tottingham Riots - Gangsta Bling?

This is Mark Duggan, the man shot dead by the police on Thursday, the cause of the riots in Tottenham.

How will the liberal media paint this "bling" wearing, reputed 'gangsta,' making a pistol sign with his hand? As the victim? If the police returned fire after being fired on, will this be seen as "institutionalised racism?"

It has already been reported that Duggan opened fire on the police.

If this is true, we have to wonder why "da community" thinks it has the right to demand answers, to riot and to wreck local businesses?

Could it be that years of pandering to "da community," of refusing to stop and search areas plagued by muggings and gun crime for fear of upsetting multi-culti sensibilities has finally paid off and now we see third and fourth generation sons and daughters of immigrants rioting (perhaps with a smattering of anarcho-degenerates) over the death of, if we can believe the reports, the type of 'gansta' low-life that has made vast areas of our cities no-go areas for the law-abiding majority?

Might sections of the media, the political classes et al be seeing through the McPherson Report hype wherein crimes reported by non-Whites seem to get preference over similar crimes reported by homogeneous people?

Or will they close ranks and find the usual excuses of under-investment and lack-of-opportunities such as the people thrown on the scrap heap in white working class communities never have to suffer of course?

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Serves the Old Bill right for sucking the Lawrence family's dick, also interesting to note how the Daily Mail will bend over backwards to cater to their craven White middle-class cretins.

Anonymous said...

Turks, Muslims (yes you neo-con BNP'ers MUSLIMS) Asians, Whites have all come out on the streets and have taken it to the nigger and wigger wannabe wanksters.

Anonymous said...

Mark Duggan - another dead drug dealer,,,rot in hell

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