Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Wonderful Gifts of Immigration - Part 94: Tottenham

BBC reports of rioting, police cars and a bus set on fire in the predominantly black area of Tottenham, North London.

No, EDL/BNP fools, this doesn't seem to be Muslim.

This is yet another wonderful example of the BNP/EDL's "Black Britons" showing the difference between the generation of the Jarrow Marchers and the ne'erdowell dole bum and drug/gun gangs that infest our streets.

Two points:

  1. We are not fans of a police state, but the idea of "da community" throwing petrol bombs when their areas are infested with gun crime (which stops genuine folks going out at night etc.), shows how criminality is rampant in these areas.
  2. Trouble has been rumbling on for days according to a local black reporter and resident on BBC News 24 tonight, so why have the media covered this up? Did they hope it would die out and so their multi-culti nightmare be protected - once again?
Oh and how the media will portray this as "institutional racism" -- not a result of black drugs gangs and their love of firearms, nor a failure of mass coloured immigration, whereby millions of non-Europeans have been allowed to settle in England, with little or now acceptance of our norms of behaviour.

Nationalists take note: this ain't "the muzzies," this is yet another clear example of the mistake that was mass coloured immigration and failed multi-culturalism.

Time to start resettling Africans and Asians. Those law-abiding coloureds must see that for themselves as multi-culti, integration et al have failed to root out criminality, drugs, guns etc. in places like inner city London, which sees their own sons either dragged into criminal drugs/gun gangs, or the victims of them.

For the benefit of all races - we must seperate and repatriate.


Eofor Hrefnwuda said...

Ed, I thought it funny, and interesting to see dozens of Hasidic Jews rioting with the rest (Sky News) - I've never seen this before in the UK.

Final Conflict said...

There were a few with their beenie hats on bobbing about last night. Mrs FC tells me the rioters emptied PC World. What is this? The Apprentice - Rioting Special? "Always a buthneth opportunity my boy."

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