Monday, 8 August 2011

Nick Griffin Downplays Riots by Going on About Muslims

I can't believe Nick said what we told him to!
In a tweet earlier the Neo Con mouthpiece, Nick Griffin said these riots were "nothing" compared to if the Muslims kicked off.


That must be a great comfort to the small businesses closed down by these rioting animals in Tottenham, Enfield and elsewhere.

Is Griffin suggesting that the Oldham riots were worse than Brixton? Birmingham? Manchester? Bristol? Liverpool? - all 1981. Not to mention Tottenham in 1985 when PC Keith Blakelock was murdered?

Honestly Mr. Griffin - your fixation with the Muslims stinks of Israeli policy, undermines possible indigenous opposition to integration, and is severly p'ing off genuine nationalists and patriots.

Whoever is paying you to spout this Neo Con B.S., 30 pieces of silver is not enough.


Anonymous said...

Griffin took the 30 shekels ages ago - especially after Kemp moved in. Anyway - it wa all Negroes, right? Why is Griffin diminishing Negro criminality?

Anonymous said...

How many hundreds, possibly thousands, of hits must the BNP website have registered from Brits who would have had an interest in what a 'White' organisation would have had to say regarding the current chimpout, only to have left scratching their heads at how impotent and yes, how neo-con the BNP is?

The sooner the BNP are destroyed the better, they are nothing but an embarassement to British patriots/nationalists while leading the Cause down a political cul-de-sac.

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