Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Sun's BNP Exposé: More Zionist Lies About Utoya

Here we go... lying Zionist run media spreads half-truths about "nazis" supporting Breivik the Zionist.

Come on Mr Sun reporter! Tell us the truth about the Zionist Breivik's Jewish supporters who think the Utoya kids got what they deserved for supporting the Palestinians and the Peace Flotilla!

And just as the BNP starts uttering and mumbling about "Zionists," so the media turns on them with the kind of exposé they could have done years ago, just as we said they would.

NG and Co. are going to have to walk away from the Neo-Con BS because it has the blood of innocents on it, and the grass roots patriots know that, and this is the way the Zionist media will react: by deliberately muddying the waters, by deliberately spreading lies making the BNP out to be "neo-Nazi" and "terrorist."

With Zionist friends like these...

The Sun: BNP activist Salutes Breivik


Anonymous said...

Neo-Cons = Neo-Nutsies.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the BNP wallahs explain how israel is the only democracy in the region at the Hungarian rally...

Anonymous said...

It seems as if the zionist media/Searchlight are making a concerted effort to link the Neo-Cons to the nationalist cause......they will fail and, miserably!

Those who read the zionist media and believe the lies contained therein are useless and we are not interested in them nor their well being so f**k 'em.

We may be few but we are honourable.

Nationalist from Scotland said...

The anti-Zionist line now being spouted is nothing more than the latest twist by the arch-cynic to try and retain "hardline" nationalists as the softer types leave in droves. It is as genuine as the "Your fight is our fight" drivel when pro-Zionism was the flavour of the month.

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