Thursday, 18 August 2011

Split in New Right Leads to Non-Occultist Alternative

Here's some feedback to another post from an anonymous source:

There are good Nationalists who support the Traditionalist Catholic Society of Saint Pius X - District of Great Britain. Their magazine 'Mater Dei' has included some interesting articles attacking Masonry, Occultism, Marxism and supporting Nationalists such as Salazar of Portugal, Dollfuss of Austria and more recently Roberto Fiore of the Italian Forza Nuova (FN). I have had the pleasure of attending a meeting addressed by the revisionist SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson. There has been a split in the New Right, with a faction led by 'Jez' (an Anglican) forming the IONA group.
7:54 AM
And our response:

This is very encouraging. We would ask people to support the non-Occultist IONA, if that is the case, regardless of ideological nuances. UPDATE: HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES. Not all may be as it seems. We are getting reports that IONA may not be as it seems, and this split may be another example of personalities rather than policies. Time will tell.


Catholic Militant said...

Hang on a minute, Jez was booted out of the New-Right due to the fact that he's been deemed a security risk, Jez himself actually claims to be an employee of military intelligence????? Don't beleiev me, ask him!

Prior to his eviction, he had no problem with "occultism" and was personally responsible for the advertisement amongst Nationalists of the recent "Neo-Folk" gig in Islington (the genre of Music you so rightly attack in your last article in regards to the New-Right). Furthermore, "IONA" are due to hold their first meeting in London this Saturday and guess who's headlining? The one and only "Johnothan Bowden", anybody who knows anything should know that he's a man of the occult and is heavilly anti-Christian! He is also the self proclaimed Chairman for the New-Right so evidently, this is just another case of the usual egotism that "Nationalism" so inherently suffers from! It's not an anti occultist split! What nonsense!

By the way, the last I heard, Jez was claiming to be a "cosmotheist". He apparently tells the trad Catholics that he's an Anglican hoping to convert, just to get in with them!

Final Conflict said...

We can only report what we hear. No doubt there may be further clarification in coming days...

Catholic Militant! said...

Just received this from a freind. It's an extraction from the offical e-mail (as composed by Jez himself) doing the rounds in regards to the IONA meet on Saturday! Sounds just as bad as a Jew-Right one to me!

"Dr Alexander Jacob - "Eugene Duhring and the Jews"

Alexander Jacob obtained his PhD in the History of Ideas from Penn State Univiersity and is the author of numerous works including: De Naturae Natura - a study of the idealistic conceptions of nature and the unconscious; Nobilitas: A study of Aristocratic Philosophy from Ancient Greece to the Early Twentieth Century; Atman - a reconstruction of the solar cosmology of the Indo-Europeans; numerous translations into English of German conservative politcal thinkers including Houston Stewart Chamberlain's 'Political Ideas', Edgar Julius Jung's 'The Rule of the Inferior', Eugene Duhring on the Jews ; and an anthology Europa - German Conservative Foreign Policy, 1870-1940.

Prof Andrew Fraser - " The WASP Question"

Prof Andrew Fraser is Associate Professor in Law at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Author of various books including: The Spirit of the Laws - Republicanism and the Unfinished Project of Modernity; Reinventing Aristocracy - The Constitutional Reformation of Corporate Governance; and the newly published The WASP Question - An essay on the biocultural evolution, present predicament and future -prospects of the Invisible Race. Many of his articles are published on-line on the following websites: , and .

Jonathan Bowden - " Bill Hopkins: A life of one of the original 'Angry Young Men', 1928 - 2011"

Jonathan Bowden who has beeen described as the 'best orator in Britain', is an artist, an actor (films include Venus Flytrap )and the author of over 30 books including: Apocalypse TV; Kratos; Lilith Before Eve; Our name is Legion; Al Qaeda Moth. He is also a frequent contributor to the daily essay on the website."

So, some cosmology enthusiast, a bio-cultural evolutionist and Johnathan "my art looks like Jewish pornography" Bowden. What's not to support?

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way. Bowden is the Chairman of the NR but it was Troy Southgate, the organiser, that gave Jez the boot! Why Bowden is speaking at Jez's event I don't know, probably just glad to have a platform I suppose!

Sesame said...

A left-wing source, but they have a longer memory about the old IONA than you folks apparently have!

I don't know why JEZ is described as an "Anglican" - he's a religious chameleon, and may actually be one of those slippery folk who call themselves perennialists - in other words he might claim Catholicism as a mere gloss on SUFISM.

He's certainly been hanging around SSPX circles a bit, and has been sighted at Wimbledon calling on Bishop Richard Williamson.

Put it like this: if he IS Military Intelligence then he's trying to play a duplicitous game with us and if he's NOT he's just a liar.

Anonymous said...

Interesting update. I didn't know Jez Turner was a Cosmotheist, claiming to be an Anglican. Although there are some Anglicans who are also Freemasons too!

Anonymous said...

There has also been a split in the EDL, with former members setting up the North West Infidels, who were sick of the EDL waving Israeli flags and inviting extremist Jewish Rabbi Nachum Shifren to demos. The NWI are also sympathetic to the NF.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a f**k!

In the grand scheme, such organisations are merely a mutual mastubatory means for the ego to be sated.

Sesame said...

I poste some remarks on the at bet ambiguous and and worst deply deceptive "Jez" a couple of days ago, and accompanied them wit ha link to a left-wing site that mentioned IONA - in its earlier incarnation.

I endorsed a previous comment to the effect that "Jez" has openly claimed to be working for the Security Services, and added a rider, suggesting that if this claim is genuine then a game of double-bluff is being played, and if not, that the man is a liar.(I'll soften that, perhaps, to "fantasist".

So far nothing of that has appeared.

Did a digital gremlin get into the works, or have you fallen prey to something you claim to dislike in other contexts, an apparent desire to CENSOR the words of others?

Anonymous said...

F**k 'em all!

Sesame said...

Apologies for unfairly knocking your system mate, and a good lesson for me not to be too impatient!

And thanks for not deleting me as a total s**thead!

Well, for reasons that some folks with NR connections could tell you, our "JONNO" is sometimes known as "The Last of the Samurai".

His "Art", paranoically disturbed AND disturbing, has to been seen to be believed.

'JEZ' haunts Mosley re-unions as well as Catholic ones: he claims to direct some seekers to the Christian path, others to pagan Nationalism. He can put you in touch with all sorts of book suppliers, and in short, is well placed to find who's where at any time, who they know, what they think. A sort of Universal Aunt.
Like the first poster here, I think the split is engineered: and lurking behind it all is the man whose job depends on a certain level of security clearance, which would certainly be cancelled and he booted out of his job if his government employers actually OBJECTED to the way he spends his copiously-financed spare time - you can bet they're reading his Emails!!

I smell PLOD.

Anonymous said...

He does indeed tell trad Catholics that he's converting, he's even receiving instruction from the SSPX priests.

Yet many trads do know what he's like, some of them continue to receive emails from him promoting the occult and the like - although only on email addresses he's doesn't know belong to Catholics.

From what I've heard I gather the priests have been told of his true nature but don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Paranoid bollocks Jez was in the Army for 12 years during which he learnd Pashtun ans worked as a translator in MI he made no secret of that .He has now left the Army. technically AH was working for MI when he joined Drexler's party.
I would be more concerned about 51mon Derby.

Sesame said...

1) What was Southgate's reason for expelling Jez?

2) When did "Jez" leave the army?

3) Do you mean that he was a serving soldier?

4) Did his political activities ONLY commence after he left the army? As you seem to be in the know, let's have some dates, please.

5) DOES one ever truly leave the army?

6) Granted he made no secret of his MI affiliations - so what? That sort of tactic is well-known: "I may be a copper, but really I'm on YOUR side"

7) Did Jez recently promote a trip to "Nordic" regions to hear a well-known God-hater speak, or is that a lie?

8)Who're AH and Drexler and why should Christians be interested in their doings?

9) Seems like our Jeremy wants to identify with AH, whoever he is.

10) Who in Hell is 5Imon Derby? (sic)

Blueshirt said...

Really? When did he leave the army as he was certainly still paid up when he emerged in Catholic circles...... That's what he said at least which is certainly odd in itself.

Regardless, the emphasis on him being anti-occultist is false and that's the main issue. The man is a blatant lier and that's never a good quality is it? Stay away from him, simple as!

Anonymous said...

Jez left the Army in August he is now receiving instruction from Bishop
Williamson as a pagan it is not my interest,
That is a ludicrous comment that anyone who has served in the Army is more likely to be a Zog agent think about it for 1 second.
Why not ask him face to face at the next IONA meeting on Octber the 22cnd
or in Preston at the JT Memorial meeting on Oct 8th. In stead of muttering in the shadows ask him face to face.

Anonymous said...

Left the army in August? Yet has been attending "far right" events since at least 2009 and has openly put his name about the place since 2010 (if not long before). Pull the other one haha. Anybody that has knowledge of how the army and individual employees personal associations works, surely knows that this simply can't be the case.

For the record, he's been asked in public on more than one occasion and has always given differing and less than satisfactory answers. He's either a crackpot to be avoided or the most obvious wrongun to emerge in some time.

Shame so many people have fallen for his deception, show's the quality of Nationalists these days I suppose.

Blackshirt Lad said...

I believe that people have spoken both to Jez and the Bishop about these issues. No one is 'muttering in the shadows' - however, any faithful Catholic, decent Nationalist or non-Pagan must warn against attending Jez's events or having anything to do with him. The man is a liar plain and simple. Whether MI or not, he's to be avoided.

Pat Harrington's G-String said...

One has to wonder if Jez is such a militant Christian, why he hob-nobbed with Southgate the open Occultist and bad egg for so many years?

Anonymous said...

Jez has now decided to host his next Jew/New/Real/Provisional New Right meeting on Saturday the 24th. The same day of the newly formed CDL's, a group of young patriots encouraging the exploration of alternatives to democracy. A bit more productive then occultist pseudo philosophical masturbation eh?
Jez knew full well that these youngsters where to hold a meeting on that day, what the hell is wrong with this man and why does he still have this silly fan club? What a bunch of sheep! Could the movement be any more of a joke?

Anonymous said...

Jez is holding the next IONA meeting on Saturday 24th September, not in October which is scheduled for the next New Right meeting.
Jez usually attends the socials in London after both meetings.

Blackshirt Lad said...

The 'New New Right' seems a fitting name for IONA, given that it's the same people there, the same organiser and the same topics. It is truly the height of inactive nationalism.
The man, as this thread has discussed, is not to be trusted. I cannot understand why anyone would want to go to something of which he's the organiser.
The CDL on the other hand has fresh people involved - it is not merely the same old queers of the New Right; it actually has purpose and will not only be a talking shop for half-rotten inactive 'nationalists' who support dubious ideas like the Islamification of Britain.
People should be interested in working towards real solutions, not the pseudo-intellectual, half-baked self-aggrandisement of the New Right or its illegitimate child.

Catholic Militant! said...

I've always thoroughly enjoyed this blog but isn't it about time you either A. published an official retraction of the original pro IONA group post or B. even better, maybe even an official condemnation of them. Your avid supporters may otherwise get their wires crossed in regards to your stance.

Final Conflict said...

This is very encouraging. We would ask people to support the non-Occultist IONA, if that is the case, regardless of ideological nuances. UPDATE: HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES. Not all may be as it seems. We are getting reports that IONA may not be as it seems, and this split may be another example of personalities rather than policies. Time will tell. "

1. We originally said "if that is the case" - which it seems it was not.

2. We added an update.

We do not have policies on every splinter of a splinter.

We oppose occultism, and it seems that the new IONA group or whatever it calls itself in the weeks ahead, is occultist.

Therefore our stance should be quite obvious. We dont want to turn this into a blog specialising in nutty fringe occultist groups. We ignored New Right for some time despite promptings from some people (our original book on the leader of new Right and other occultists in "nationalism" is still available.

Don't shoot the messenger.

We have published all the comments pointing out that "jez" [?] is an occultist [bearing in mind that we know nothing about him or his group per se so have to tread carefully] as such all we can do is add a caveat that the new group SEEMS to be occultist, from the outside.

Glad you like the blog.

Sesame said...

The anonymous "pagan" up above has made my point for me.

What's going to interest a "pagan" - a person who so refers to himself has consciously and deliberately set himself in opposition to and rebellion against Christian teaching - isn't going to interest a Catholic much, unless he's a collector of oddities and crackpot theories.

OK. let's be nice now. Jeremy Bedford Turner is as pure as snow, and as true-hearted as Honest Joe the bookie. Fact. No con.

But perhaps The Last of the Samurai, Jonathan Bowden, possible featured speaker at the next Jezfest, and an equal partner with Turner/English (any other pseudonyms?) in MAD, the Mutual Admiration Department, is an interesting proposition, less for Catholics than for students of the Grand Guignol Grotty Gothic, as a glance at the intriguingly self-reviewed works on his website will reveal. Well, if it's NOT occult, such stuff should be kept decently hidden under thick wraps.

If driven to buy one of JB's books, nail it to the floor at night, so it doesn't creep about the house.

If you still want a laugh, the scurrilous Robert Edwards has drawn a funny picture of Jez and Martin Webster somewhere.

I'll try and find a URL to increase the fun.

Catholic Militant! said...

Fair play FC, your stance is completely understandable.

Anyway, I've just had this e-mail passed on to me. It's the line up for Saturdays IONA meeting.

"Lady Michele Renouf
'The Fraud of Feminism'

Lady Renouf is a stalwart opponent of Zionism, a staunch friend of the Palestinian Cause, a fighter for historical truth and a Wagnerian scholar.

'Modernity and modernism as historical and cultural notions'.

Lars Holger Holm is a prolific Swedish author whose novel 'The Owls' is a fictionalised account of the Fall of Constantinople.

'What Women want'

Linda Bolton is a super-activist and intellectual for the Nationalist Cause.

'Lillith before Eve'

Jonathan Bowden is an artist, a writer and an orator of the first repute."

The last speech by Bowden is obviously going to be particuarly Blasphemous. We all know about Muslim lover Renouf and if my memory serves me well, I'm sure Linda "super activist" Bolton is/was a BNP type that believes converting to Islam en masse is the way forward. Jez, when are you going to realise that allowing such people to propogate this filth is certainly not very Catholic and doesn't do much for your anti-occultist stance. What an absolute tool!

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