Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nero Fiddles in the Sun While Rome, London, Athens, Madrid etc. Burn

There's riots in inner London. The economies of the world are on the edge of ruination. War rumbles on in Afghanistan.

How wonderful that "our leaders" are on their Summer hols. Isn't it lovely that they have their priorities right? Shades of Nero fiddling while Rome burns? Bunch of money-grubbing, materialist, treacherous scumbags.

They get their treats, their hols, their platinum pensions, their non-exec bank placements, their advisory perks from big business - while they sell our nation down the River Styx.


Anonymous said...

Why are you echoing the sentiment of the marxist rag Mirror?

The British economy is not going to go away, Mervyn King is still the Governor of BoE and he's still here as are his fellow MPC members.

At least none of the Coalition (even Clegg) are not taking it up the shitter from Mandela as was the wont of many a Labourite leader.

Final Conflict said...

Oh! To criticise the Tories makes you a Marxist? Grow up you moron.

Anonymous said...

FC, you obviously read what you want, the above post is not having a pop at you for criticising the Tories but for echoing the sentiments of that rag Mirror, he/she also has a pop at Labourites if your power of concentration stretches to actually reading the third sentence.

Final Conflict said...

no i understood exactly what he/she/it meant. We are supposed to admite Mervyn King??? And not "echo"the Mirror, which I have never read...

My power of concentration is fine. I just think the operson is a capitalist tool who ranks anyone who questions the tories as "reds".

Reactionary idiot.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough FC, but that's not how I read his/her post and I don't think they meant it to be misconstrued in the way you have.

It would be good if they popped back and clarified their position.

Final Conflict said...

Well maybe you shoould stop - and use your "power of concentration" before you have a dig at this blog. That person is defending rapatious capitalism which could yet bring all Europe to its knees.

Anonymous said...

Nah, you don't seem to realise that the British State does not need a Prime Minister of any Cabinet minister for that to maintain its agenda, just as in the US, the President is merely the 'frontman' the real powerbrokers are safely ensconced behind the scenes.

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