Tuesday, 4 October 2011

BNP Ex-National Treasurer Dies of Heart Attack (David Kelly, Robin Cook...)

"Not a good treasurer" - such praise for a dead BNP "comrade"
David Hannam, perhaps best known for trying to take an under-16 y.o. girl to his bed at a BNP conference (despite being married) has, so Nick Griffin twittered, died of a heart attack.

Hannam was born in 1981. No-one is suggesting a man of 30 cannot have a heart attack, but just as the BNP finances come into focus, how "convenient" for the pocket-fillers to now have someone to point the finger at, who cannot respond to the lies, as other ex-National Treasurers have done.

It is hard not to come to one of two conclusions about the death of a very young man in such circumstances:

  1. That the stress put on him via the dodgy finances and investigations contributed to his early death
  2. Or that the State has done a "Dr David Kelly" to try and tie up the loose ends.

Either way the BNP chief (already slapping down Hannam's character by saying he was "frankly not a good treasurer" -- leaving some to ask why he was employed over a registered accountant then) is, being charitable, at best partly responsible for his death.
The ground is prepared for Hannam to be the fall-guy

For Hannam to die at this time simply cannot be seen to be coincidence. Certain non-BNP member(s) close to Nick Griffin are already laying the blame for missing monies and dodgy accounts, on public forums (see image to the right), at the door of Hannam... how very convenient!

Just as another ex-National Treasurer went to BBC Panorama to deny the lies of the BNP surrounding a missing £37,000, so David Hannam dies and is already being put in the frame.

It's all very, very intriguing.


League of Welsh said...

Today (4th October) Times letters:

"Cable Street

Sir, The so-called 'battle' of Cable Street (October 4 1936) was not between anti-fascists and fascists, but between anti-fascists and the police ("They shall not pass!", Times2, Sept 30). Mosley's Blackshirts had marched through the East End before, without serious incident. But in October 1936, four months after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, a loose alliance of anti-establishment Jews, left-wing trade unionists and card-carrying Communists decided to take the law into their own hands, and pick a fight with the British Union of Fascists, to show that they too, could confront fascism. The BUF was fully entitled to stage its march. The police were there to protect this civil right. The anti-fascists were there to prevent this civil right from being protected.

The results of Cable Street were predictable. To a catalogue of anti-Jewish grievances - some imaginary, but some (such as deliberate strike-breaking and flouting of Sunday trading laws) very real - the fascists could now add others, namely the assaults upon freedom of speech and the right of lawful assembly. BUF membership soared, to a peak of about 400,000 in 1937. At the London County Council elections that year, the BUF polled 14 per cent of the votes in Shoreditch, 19 per cent in Limehouse and 23 per cent in Bethnal Green.

Veterans of Cable Street, who claim to have stopped the fascists there 75 years ago, are clearly proud of their achievement. But their unlawful activities don't strike me as having been clever at all.

University of Buckingham"

It is also to be born in mind that back then, it was only the head of the household who held the right to vote, many, many Blackshirts were youth, reflecting the new/dynamic draw of fascism.

Also to the 'catalogue of anti-Jewish grievances' 75 years on can be added LIES!

Final Conflict said...

Croeso LoW!

The Battle of Cable Street is a myth like the Jesse Owens - Hitler handshake (as dispelled by Owens himself). The man who blanked Owens was in fact Roosevelt when the former returned to the USA.

The Commies makes these myths and push them in the media by sheer repetition.

League of Welsh said...

Think it might be interesting for you to drop the Prof. a line?

Anonymous said...

Edmonds has joined the NF - official.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Professor Alderman would be willing to support the Final Conflict Blog, given that he's Jewish.
Good letter though.

Final Conflict said...

If he weren't Jewish the reds would be screaming for his blood.

Anonymous said...

F***ng Jews are everywhere!

Final Conflict said...

Wasn't that the title of Harold Wilson's autobiography? ;-)

Or am I thinking of Macmillan?

Anonymous said...

..thought it was Norman Tebbits'

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