Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaddafi Executed as New World Order Warning - Talmudic Revenge?

The execution designed to silence Gaddafi.

This looks like what Michael Hoffman calls the "revelation of the method" - in other words, the Neo Cons, the NWO, the Zionists are warning others, and showing their "power" by the public murder of a patriot.

Mussolini? Streicher? Saddam? All murdered in the most painful and heinous ways - as a means to get ultimate revenge on the enemies of the bankers and their puppets; and give a warning to those who "dare" to stand against them.

With Gaddafi we also have to ask if people like Blair wanted him silenced for fear he would show all the dirty deals and subterfuge "our" leaders undertake when dealing with African and Arab countries.

This is a very interesting and informative news broadcast (would that the BBC with MI6's John Simpson would do such a thing!). How long before Ofcom do to Russia Today what they have done to Iran's Press TV and ban it from our airwaves?

Welcome to the New World Order - where "our boys" can bomb a city to "protect civilians." It all seems so.... well, Israeli!

With thanks to: Thought and Action


Neha Sharna said...

In Gaddafijis death, we have lost a very faithful and good friend so says Dogvijay Singh. There is Saffron forces behind this dastardly act so says Palaniappan Chidambaram. Thats why we insisted for Minority Protection Bill so says Manmohan. See what happened? My statement stands vindicated, so says Rajiv Bhaiah. Let the Government Declare 20th 0ctober as National Holiday, so says Muslim Mullah from Delhi Mosque.
But as an Human and Indian, I say he deserved what he wanted.

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