Friday, 21 October 2011

NYPD: To Protect and Serve - Who???

Yes. We should ask that question: who do the state forces protect?

Our politicians tells us the first duty of government is to protect the people, yet they deliver us into the clutches of international financiers who bleed us dry, who embroil us in needless wars.

Who are they protecting? Not us.

Who are they serving? Not us.

Might we suggest: the "you know whos?"

Top cops have to be Freemasons. They do what the Freemason politicians tell them. The politicians are placemen of the Masonic bankers.

The few men who own the earth like to think we are "cattle" and they treat us as such, even using their Orwellian buzzwords to corral us, words like "Democracy," "Racism," "Fascist," "Rights" etc.

Even when thousands of people in the UK will die this winter because they cannot afford to 'heat and eat' whilst we funnel multi-billions into the clutches of the faceless bankers that keep us in relative penury.

All the while they will reward their placemen. Virtually every top politician leaves office and gets well-paid jobs (for doing almost nothing) as a reward for their treachery.

And that is why they will always pour money into the coffers of the bankers, whilst squeezing the rest of us until the pips squeak. So look at this video. Who are the police protecting? Who's giving the orders? Who do they protect and serve?

It sure as hell ain't "us."


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