Monday, 3 October 2011

Panorama BNP Special: 10th October. Get the Popcorn Ready

Tip of my White Power Bobble Hat to Griffin Watch for this news.

The BNP story is a sad one, but we warned nationalists of this over 10 years ago! We said the BNP would be dragged down, and the good name of nationalism with it.

Many years ago Nick Griffin went running to the establishment media. The Express, currently owned by a Jewish pornographer, were doing a story. I think the reporter was State/Searchlight-asset Yvonne Ridley who later "converted" to Islam and is now some sort of lefty-feminist-integrationist-Muslim-rights wallah. All very seedy.

Anyway, with the Express's story on the Third Position (they even hired a helicopter to take photo's!) which was the usual Searchlies concoction of extremists, terrorists, MI5/6, "anti-Semites," UDA/IRA etc. etc. Nick Griffin ran into the arms of the Porno-Talmudo-Searchlies-State set-up to denounce his erstwhile comrades as "mad not bad" whilst denouncing them and getting his tuppence worth of publicity. This was especially irksome as one of the TP comrades at the centre of the Express story, which Griffin delighted in adding to with his own spin, had been ripped off by NG, taking thousands of an inheritance to buy useless printing machinery in another hairbrained 'get rich quick' scheme.

I wonder if the same Nick Griffin will now condemn those talking to Panorama -- who have either having been ripped off by him, put in dodgy situations by him (with the courts etc.), and so are protecting their own backs -- as "state assets" or "Searchlies spies" when he was so quick to run to the media (when his ex-TP comrades had not dumped on him to the media or authorities) with false tales and rent-a-quotes, as he sought to ingratiate himself with the BNP?

Or is working with the Zionist media to attack nationalists OK if it is in Nick Griffin's interests to do so, but not acceptable if it goes against Nick Griffin's interests? To the impartial observer of BNP goings-on, that certainly seems to be the case.

The sad thing is that too many people have stayed quiet, looked the other way and so forth whilst the BNP has been carved up. A suitable heading for the BBC programme might be "Where Have the Millions Gone" after all just a year or two back the BNP were boasting of their having raised quite a few million in one year. Plus there's the Euro MEPs with their salaries, staff salaries and expense accounts.

Those who looked the other way may have done so for good reasons - e.g. so nationalism didn't get bad publicity - but the bad news just kept snowballing and snowballing - and now there's an avalanche of bad news, court cases, debts and more.

Meanwhile those who turn to the BBC may have various motives, some may be honest and some not. Some may be decent and some not.  Some may be genuine patriots and some not. But as the rumours, spin and half-truths start flying back and forth let us not forget that it was Nick Griffin who was happy to work with the likes of Aaronovitch, and who attacked fellow nationalists whether the Third Position, National Front or even the "dinosaurs" in the BNP.

We will have to wait and see what the BBC have unearthed, and what the corruption in the BNP has gifted the enemies of nationalism.


Anonymous said...

Griffo did nothing to hide his financial shenanigans from his days with the Front, he ponced off Jackie and all his properties were acquired by very convoluted and complex financial dealings!

His later move in to the used car trade was the final warning, if those who failed to take heed by this juncture then they have only themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should terminate Nick
with extreme prejudice so that the BNP can continue to try to establish white civil rights.
The white civil rights movement is bigger than any one man, in the same way someone should have wasted Hitler before he made the mistake of attacking Russia.

Final Conflict said...

I cannot but think a flippant remark about ending someone's life is made off the cuff. I can't tolerate advocating murder on this site. BNP members should have been sensible enough to remove Griffin after the first financial uproar (as exposed by the Edwardses, Newlands etc.) circa 2001?

Anonymous said...

It seems as if the elements calling for the 'disposal' of Griffin are those same elements who have been the cause of the degredation of the nationalist message by having propped him up/accepted a retainer.

True nationalists are not interested in 'diposing' of Griffin, we never accepted him in the first place and we won't be accepting him now along with his bitches (scorned or otherwise!)

Anonymous said...

Griffin is valuable inasmuch as he serves as a counterpoint for the scum.

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