Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mother and Father Deemed Irrelevant or Offensive?

There is a piece on Griffin Watch, which deals with a media story on the EU putting "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" on passports so's faggots can put their details with a clear conscience (!). I felt a rant coming on (apologies to Ranting Ron) so here's my response:

We Need an EU Law so Sad Gits Can "Marry" Foodstuffs*
This is the ultimate reality for the Masonic and Red enemy. In a world where there is no OBJECTIVE TRUTH, but wherein everything is subjective to our whims, where "democracy" extends to the family and 'sexuality' (i.e. where parents have no rights to control their children, and where men can "decide" they are 'really women'), why is this so surprising?

In an age when nationalists attack Muslims for being opposed to homosexuality (one of their very few redeeming features) itself a remnant of the fact they are a Christian Heresy, why are we surprised that the EU is now dictating that a mother and father begetting children is no longer the accepted norm?

An OBJECTIVE TRUTH: a child has one father and one mother is replaced by relativist nonsense, viz that a child can have two mothers, two fathers, and no doubt one mum and one section of the Berlin Wall - or whatever crazy notion infects the body politic in the near future.

The modern world is, quite literally crazy. At the centre of it are the immoral degenerates called homosexuals. They seem to [if you'll pardon the pun] have a vice-like grip on this and the previous government and seem intent on pushing their (very) queer agenda, at a time when real parents have very real worries, and it isn't about "mother and father" being on a passport!

The EU is Masonic, Socialist - dare I say Satanic?

They have an agenda which is to destroy the family and destroy every last vestige of Christian civilisation.

There can be little doubt in an age when they tax us to the hilt to give billions to bankers, and at a time when families have rights stripped away, and homosexuals get "rights" left, right and centre.

We've been dealt a bum hand!


*As long as it is a loving, caring relationship, of course.


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