Sunday, 9 October 2011

Will BNP Panorama be Used by Usury Bankers to Stop Opposition?

Christ drives the Usurers out of the Temple, woodcut
There seems to be some debate going on, on the interweb (also known as 'tinternet near the Pennines) over the Panorama programme on the BNP.

Now let us discount the Griffinites/Griffinistas, that motley band of ever-decreasing (paid) sycophants who employ several sock puppet personas to defend their lord and master. Their line seems to be "it's something over nothing" (which it clearly ain't) as sturdy and relevant as the Maginot line in 1940. As a second line of defence, they are screeching that those who "work with" Panorama are traitors to Nationalism, working with those of the Frankfurt School, the Marxists and uber-liberals of the BBC.

As I said in a previous post, Nick Griffin himself has a record of running to the same enemy media to attack other patriotic groups, so it is very much a case of "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Furthermore, whilst some of those appearing may have ulterior motives (such is our fallen nature), of those who have been royally shafted by Monsieur Griffin, and especially those who have been wrongly accused of illegality and about whom severe lies have been told in order to implicate them in serious law-breaking, who are we to question their motives and to doubt their need to clear their name in an 'official' and public channel? After all what else are they supposed to do? Write about it in an anonymous forum read by a handful where Griffin's attack-dog sock puppets will add lies to their account? Or write into the BNP website where their account will be deleted?

Someone else on the webesphere (forgive my failing memory, to many early mornings to watch the rugby, so I don't know if they were a "goodie" or a "baddie") said that we should not "blame" the BBC for raking over the ashes of Nationalism. Now I know that sounds glib, but what the chap (or chapess) was getting at, is that we shouldn't be concerned at a dog returning to its vomit, or a cat marking its territory - i.e. it is yucky, it may even be revolting, smelly etc. but it is what they do. Of course Nationalists can complain and highlight the nature of these people, as with usury-bankers, but in reality we should expect no less. In fact, it should help us to sharpen up our act, for if we were moral, upstanding and decent they could only moan at us for being nationalists! No crime there m'lord.

The impressive but ultimately useless Maginot Line
So ignoring the Maginot Line and having landed our paratroopers of logic on the Fort Eben Emael of the secondary Griffinite defence, let's send our Panzers of Truth through the Ardennes. There remain two more arguments about the programme (the French Army and the British Expeditionary Force, if you will) stopping the progress to Paris (Griffin's HQ).

The French Army argument is that the programme will not be a knockout blow, making a (deliberately) weak and partisan blow (easily dismissed as the actions of anti-nationalists) which will weaken the BNP popularity even further with the voters, but will deliberately not deliver the killer-blow. So Griffin (or Paris to continue the analogy) will stand, though wounded, and limps on (perhaps in a gradual, terminal decline) but like an open wound or a festering sore, causing more pain than hope, a frail shadow of its former strength.

The British Expeditionary Force argument is that the programme will be a killer blow to Griffin, perhaps not instantaneous, but an undeniable deadly blow that cannot be ignored. It will lead to a mass walk-out of those who have not already quit the BNP in disgust. It will mean a total collapse in support and votes. It will mean some criminal convictions at the top of the BNP and thus the destruction, ruination and total devaluation of the BNP as a party, as a brand and as an historical political body. Some like to think, no doubt, that this will happen overnight, but if it does happen it will be played out, court case by court case, election by election, defection by defection, revelation by revelation - because (if the evidence is to be believed) those at the core have a vested interest in keeping the books closed, the truth under wraps and the BNP solvent, as long as they can to protect their liberty, their income and (don't laugh) their reputations.

And so there we have it. France 1940, BNP 2011. Will nationalists learn the lessons of the latter as military historians have of the former?

I am going to repeat myself now, but do bear in mind that many readers don't read this blog as often as some others, they pop in from time to time. Yesterday I had the honour of meeting a group of very dedicated activists doing what they can to fight the good fight, and more than a couple of readers of this humble blog. Though I had never met most of them before, it was like meeting old friends, compadres in the struggle for truth and justice. Speaking to them it was clear that whilst some read the blog avidly, some pop in and out. That is the nature of the internet and the modern world. I am the same with many sites, forums, twitter and blogs that I really like. You try and keep up with them, but work, family and other matters "get in the way" and you end-up playing 'catch-up' or just fling yourself in and the deep end and hope it all makes sense again.

So, for regular readers, catch-up merchants or those in at the deep end, let me re-cap some of my favourite themes on this matter:

  1. The Flag NF, C18 & BNP. Whether we look at the 80s, 90s, or 00s, there are people used to disrupt Nationalism. Reactionary, Violent or Financial. The weaknesses in human nature are used by state assets. Mossad are known to use sex, pride or money to net their assets, using positive or negative means. Whatever one thinks of Mossad (and our own State services) they are not stupid. They know what to do, what buttons to push, what means to use and what misfits to appeal to or trap. As Nationalism is (nominally!) opposed to the money-power, so the money-power will use every means at its disposal to attack, wear down, split or (worst of all) control Nationalism.
  2. Nick Griffin. Third Positionists warned other nationalists over 10 years ago that Griffin would betray, sell-out and stab-in-the-back his Comrades in order to promote the one thing dear to him: Nick Griffin. Yet the BNP rode the crest of a wave. As he turned the BNP into a pro-Israeli, pro-war, anti-Muslim party, he seemed to get an easy ride from the enemy media. Some say that was a quid pro quo arrangement. And as long as Nationalists are happy to accept betrayal of principles (and I don't mean endless nit-picking over the minutiae of ideology, I mean the ejection of central tenets of nationalism), they will, it could be argued, get what they deserve. And so 10 years on at the centre of a perfect storm (banks, politicians and media all undermined) the BNP is a toothless dog, unable to rally the people in the cause of National Freedom and Social Justice. Accident or design? Financial gluttony, the love of money, was certainly the root of this evil, and that evil is the neutering, the side-lining, the ruination and the total discrediting of nationalism which (we should remind ourselves) at this moment, is the only political solution outside of usury-capitalism and state-socialism to the total moral, financial, social and political ruination facing not only the UK, but all of Europe, America and much of the "civilised" world.

So, whilst some may titter at the imbroglio in/of the BNP, especially those outside it or who have quit it in disgust at the financial and moral mess of its higher echelons (Granny-Porngate being just the choicest of examples), it is in reality a salient lesson for us all.

It may seem "boring" or "backwards" or (shock, horror) "purist" but they days when nationalism could afford to be amoral (let alone immoral!) has gone. Politics will never be a "clean" world, but it can be cleaner. We should also be aware that nationalism can attract some strange characters, with their own misconceived concepts of what nationalism is. Therefore we have a duty to ensure that nationalism is as "normal," family-based and sane as possible.

I do not claim to have all the answers and I certainly do not (unlike Monsieur Griffin) claim to be some sort of political or secular messiah, far from it being fully aware of my many shortcomings and frailties. I am happy to play a minor role, take a back seat etc. I am also happy to work with those I agree with 90% of their agenda (as long as certain central tenets are upheld). However, I and many others know that the modern world is failing. I and many others know that Nationalism has many of the (social, political, familial, economic and moral) answers needed to remedy the UK and many other states. I and many others are looking for a Nationalist banner to be raised, to defend Faith, Family, Nation.

Anti-Communist Posters in Vichy France
Extraordinary events require an extraordinary response. Take the fall of France in 1940: the total humiliation of French pride (no small thing!) led to many good souls to embrace the challenge when despondency and despair could have been the slough to slump into. Work, Family, Fatherland became the motto of Vichy France. Many brave young men went on the anti-Bolshevik Crusade. French patriots rose to the challenge and defended the honour of France at home and abroad, exposing Freemasonry and the enemies of mankind.

 The economic crisis, the MPs expenses scandal and the Murdoch phone message scandal have delivered huge opportunities. Let's be clear about that. It is a perfect storm for nationalism. It is akin to 1920s Germany. To 1930s America. Nationalism should be rampant! The banks, politicians, EUrophiles, media - all should be retreating before clear nationalist force. But just like the Catholic Church let in liberalism and Masonry 50 years ago (to be "in-tune" with the Modern World), and so turned a blind-eye to poofs and Marxists entering its seminaries and reaped the whirlwind in the paedophile scandal which an enemy media used to discredit it; so the nationalist movement has been undermined and weakened by events which began when the BNP changed its stance on Israel, so it could be in-tune with the "modern world" (Freemasonry) and be an "anti-Muzzie" pressure valve, making lots of money.

Now, just as Christianity must turn its back on Freemasonry, liberalism and homosexuality if it hopes to offer an answer to the mess materialism has made of the civilised world, so nationalism must turn its back on Freemasonry, liberalism and homosexuality if it hopes to offer answers to the political mess of the civilised world.

We are entering a time when people have to choose: eat or heat. The hard times will roll on. More people are put on the dole or in dead-end Mcjobs. The political classes are out of touch. They are either free-market Freemason usury Capitalists in hock to the banksters, or flea-bitten Freemason liberal-Marxists in hock to the banksters. Thus their only answer to the banking crisis is to pour "money" created out of thin air into the banks' vaults (computer systems) for we tax-payers to pay back with actual money, taxed from our hard-earned wages from our labour. We will be working to pay off the endless debts of the banking system!

Those who face the eat or heat challenge will be being taxed to pay the trillion pound debts of the billionaires' usurious banking system!

Where is the Christian Nationalist answer? Where is the Crusade against usury? Where is the sheer force of the urgument of common sense for the common good, Social Justice delivered for the betterment of all! With one fell swoop nationalism could destroy the Wizard of Oz nonsense of global Capitalism, and the dead-end ideology of the gulags that is flea-bitten Marxism.

Let's be frank. Those who offer freedom from debt, freedom from usury, and an answer to rapacious banksters who see the workers as a means to total taxation to fill their coffers, will be saluted by most of the people as saviours from debt slavery, taxation and the heat or eat generation.

Thanks to the shenanigans of the pilfering, morally decrepid BNP leadership, the Masonic system has ensured there is, at present, no credible answer on the horizon. For how can "nationalists" have an answer to the worst economic crisis in history when the "nationalist" party is involved in debts, dodgy finances, profiteering, fleecing small businesses, and allegedly breaking election laws on paying for election bills on time?

Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus
That is the criminal reality at the centre of the BNP scandal! That they are one more scandal on top of the banks, MPs and media. They have robbed us all of offering our answer in a clear way, for have no doubt: we have the answers, but an enemy media (owned/controlled by Masonic bankers) will use the example of the BNP as a brick bat to beat us all down.

So, at 8.30pm, Monday evening, on BBC1, do watch the Panorama programme on the BNP. But watch it fully aware of all its bitter lessons and all it should impart to patriots of goodwill for the future. Perhaps, as in days of old when we might have had good, Christian kings defending their people from external and internal foes alike (would that we had a Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain today!), we should intone:

Nationalism is dead. Long live nationalism!


Anonymous said...

The question that ought to concern us, now that the State has 'exposed' the nefarious ways of Griffins BNP, where will the State's protagonists/agent provocateurs now reside?

Nationalism is heading towards autonomous groupings, centralism has been proven not to work, as you stated, so long as the core belief is maintained and held, then each autonomous group can make headway without being subject to the whispering campaigners/egotists that plague our Cause (without mention of the socially inept/drunks/perverts who also pervade our ranks!)

Anonymous said...

I echo the above posters ideas regarding the adoption by nationalists of Autonomous/self-sufficient cells.

The old ways of 'one centralised group' should be disposed of to the nearest rubbish bin.

The recent/current 'Occupy' demonstrations in the US are subject to no central organisation or formal co-ordination between cities. Sure, use is made of Twitter/social media, but the participants are more than aware and are true to the core belief.

Nationalists are apt to cry "F**k the State" but when push comes to shove many are loath to bite the hand that feeds!

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be an acceptance of autonomous thinking, be it the myriad Third Positionist groupings, the C18-type thinking/lone wolf, the BNP itself (prior to Griffin) also undertook the placing of their cadres amongst the Conservative Party, the only thing is that it is the lazy and those who are quite happy to 'lie back and think of England' that maintain the centralised party also suits the State!

We are afterall striving for the liberation of our Island and peoples not to get caught up in power games involving national directorates/advisory councils bs! with all its attendant battles of egos!

The days of joining a group are done, all we need to do is be happy that we are contributing to the Cause and, no, we don't rely on 'the oxygen of publicity' either!

Anonymous said...

Our Tory Defence Minister?

Erin Go Bragh said...

Anon @ 11:57.

I agree in essence, BUT people -not the cadres- NEED some form of membership structure, to get them motivated.

sad but true.

The other sad thing is we already have state assets like MARK COTTERILL -exposed by JT as a copper's nark- organising JT Memorials that the daft and gullible (and some well-meaning) attend.

With tw@ts like Cotterill around nationalism will go NOWHERE. he's Gri££in Mark II. JT warned about Cotterill 20+ years ago!

MC had his own wog councillor in his party, conned money from BNP-USA, and most groups in the UK figured him out or kicked him out.

Nationalism looks likely to repeat all the mistakes of the past!

Anonymous said...

Cotterill is half-chink isn't he?

With regards a membership for getting people motivated?!

I am sure I am not alone in having encountered people who swear that they are members of a particular group...even when I am face-to-face with them and know they are not! My point being, that it is actions/reputations which motivate people, there is something in the human psyche which makes them empathise with those who espouse/reflect their own world view, it is not by 'joining' but by becoming an active part that they satisfy this craving.

Membership in groups do not motivate, in the long run, they de-motivate by being amongst the cranks/drunks/deviants/druggies that invariably fill the ranks of these groups....also, if one values their liberty, then they will also be wary of these groups and their number of undercover and grasses!

Anonymous said...

Lawful Rebellion spring to mind as a point of reference for a myriad of autonomous groups with a common goal.

Wessex and True said...

Webster says Cotterill is half-chink. he also has an affadavit from a NF organiser that Cotterill went through his local membership lists in the dead of night.

Tyndall exposed Cotterill as a state-asset.

It is HYPOCRITICAL for Cotterill to organise the JT Memorial do, and genuine nationalists should avoid him.

Anonymous said...

Cotterill the phonenumber collector!

Launceston Patriot said...

Ask Tim Vaux about Cotterill searching his home for members' details. Mark Chinky is a shyster and works for the old bill.

he fleeced the American friends of the BNP for many thousands long before Dowson & Griffin ever got together

Anonymous said...

Not so much kerching, as kerchink

Anonymous said...

Cotterill is as English as the Underwood's!

Oblimey said...

Cotterill is as English as George Alligiyah (him wot reads the news). In fact wasnt he his other EFP councillor? Mr. Arthur Quarterwog.

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