Monday, 24 October 2011

Libyan Rebels Commit War Crimes

The BBC is reporting that the "NTC" rebel forces in Libya (preparing to be the new government) has carried out a war crime against prisoners.

Just the sort of affair Kampfgruppe Peiper was accused of in Normandy, 1944. So will the Libyan rebels chief face similar war crimes trials?

As the rebels committed war crimes against fighters and civilians alike, in places like Tripoli and Sirte (but it's all OK, cos they will have elections!), who was providing the cover that allowed them to raid homes, rape the women, cart off men to torture centres and murder PoWs? Why it was NATO - under the pretext of "protecting civilians" they even bombed civilian areas themselves!

It really does beggar belief doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

So, what's all this about oh wise owl?

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