Monday, 10 October 2011

Homosexual Lobby Denies Parents - the Madness Continues

"Mom and dad on their first date"
Mums and dads on passports are to be replaced by "parent 1" and "parent 2" because of the homosexual lobby.

The mad, bad, modern world dictates that we should be free to name our parents as whoever we feel we should, whereas common sense, science, fact and truth dictate that everyone has a biological mother and biological father. Even the "gay lobby" can't agitate that basic truth away!

So where next? Can a screaming liberal nutter put the name of an elderly tortoise as his father? If not why not? Surely that is the logical conclusion of this utter madness?

PC Passport

You think that's mad? No madder than changing marriage from being a legal, sacred and immemorial contract/oath between a man and a women "till death us do part" into an 'as long as it lasts' hug-fest between God knows what and God knows whom.


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