Saturday, 15 October 2011

Libyan Patriots Fight Back in Tripoli Against the Terrorists

A "NTC" rocket launcher being used against Sirte civilians
So "Gadaffy Loyalists" (not "brave Libyan Resistance fighters defending civilians from roving gangs of terrorists intent on rape, beatings and looting") are fighting back in Tripoli.

After "the West" told us all it was super-safe, and everyone except Lady Gaga had made whistle stop tours there (usually only to the inside of some nondescript building that could have been in Slough!).

Don't believe the lies of the media:
  • NATO were not "protecting civilians" or else they would not be bombing civilian areas.
  • NATO forces HAVE been on the ground killing and maiming.
  • The Rebels have committed atrocities against civilians, including rapes in Tripoli.
  • And much worse will probably come out in the weeks, months and years ahead.
  • Is going house to house in Tripoli and Sirte any different from Benghazi - used an excuse to drag us into the conflict?

We should not be taking sides in a Libyan conflict.
We should not be enforcing Rothschild-backed regime change.
Nationalists should back the anti-usury Green revolution, whatever its minor failings.

Gadaffy's Green Book may not be pitch perfect for us, but it is a Libyan solution to Libyan problems and as much as it is based on the Fascist Corporatist/Medieval Christian Guild structures as espoused by Nationalists from the 19th Century to WW2 and beyond, we should give it our support and learn from its positive lessons and its mistakes.

Interestingly, one of the few outlets for some truth in all this - Press TV - is, so it is being Tweeted, being attacked by 'Ofcom' (the communications watchdog) and could well be taken off Sky satellite/digital TV. their reports clearly have the British State and its Zionist backers worried.

It is up to Nationalists to spread the truth about these world events, even if inbred, deadbeat morons in the BNP say we are "muzzie lovers" (as they did to FC when we were forthright in defending the Palestinian cause). The cheap labels thrown by those so keen to take the shekels of the enemy mean nothing to us Third Positionists.


Anonymous said...

this is very right position for real antisystem nationalist, but many "nationalists" unfortunately are only stupid rasists and they think that NATO Libyan war is a kind of RaHoWa.
Long live Libyan Jamahiriya!

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